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      • Belize jungle, Guatemala
        Posting from San Pedro, Belize. Too many adventures to properly post since my last update. My jungle portion of my trip was amazing I meet some great people while traveling to Western Belize San Ignasio and then across the border to Guatemala. Some highlights...ATM cave Maya pottery and skeleton

      • Porter Fork

        This afternoon I spotted a mom and calf standing in the middle of the Porter Fork trai/road. My friend Magali was charged and forced up a tree by a moose in this same canyon...so I treat these guys with respect.

        I just hiked off the side of the trail and waited a

      • Bathroom

        Travertine floor cut and installed in guest bathroom today. The last few days have been removing floor, thinset and screw cement board, patching, painting, cutting and installing stone floor.

        The tour starts Monday! Belize,Guatemala, Thailand, Bhutan, India, Thailand, SLC....
      • Wolverine Bowl with the Boyz

        Dan, Mike and I on Mount Wolverine getting ready to pump out some laps in the bowl, celebrating my 70th day of riding.

        Mike off the classic wind lip top of Wolverine Bowl

        We rode the Brighton Ski lift Millicent ($free$ pass from Dan!! thanks!!). I was nice to kick some

      • Google Satellite Map

        Belize Google Satellite Map

        Google has integrated satellite mapping from the acquired KeyHole into their mapping systems maps.google.com. The upper right hand of the map screen allows you to toggle between satellite pictures and road maps. It seems areas outside of the USA do not

      • Bluebird Powder Day

        Brighton, Hardcoin, face shot by Dan

        Millicent Cliffs Dan

        Great Western

      • GAD II

        Snowbird off Gad II. Snowing! My best run was my last @4pm. I will be at Brighton, bright and early.
        Taken with flash to light up the close flakes.

        Olympus cove

        Wasatch front north of Big Cottonwood canyon
        Stitched with PhotoStitch. The panaramic is from 7 p

      • Sourceforge Open Source
        From their site: "sourceforge.net is the world's largest Open Source software development website, with the largest repository of Open Source code and applications available on the Internet. SourceForge.net provides free services to Open Source developers. "
        This community is and

      • Silver Fork Tour

        Silverfork cirque
        Panoramic with PhotoStitch

        From top of Honeycomb Canyon with Magali
        Panoramic with Panoramic Factory

      • International Travel Clinic
        Hats off to the Salt Lake Valley Health Department's International Travel Clinic! Our R.N. Holly poked us with 3 shots (Hepatitis A/B, Tetanus, polio) and 1 oral (Typhoid, 4 pill take home). Holly also prescribed the following drugs: 2 Malaria(Aralen Choloroquine Phosphate, Doxycycline), Zi

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