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  • 2013
    • December
      • Power Practical USB Power Meter

        Using Power Practical USB Power Meter to measure the stepper motor power consumption as it moves... 5 blue bars = 5 Watts.

        Testing outside in the snow. IOS & Android connecting to the SolarCue solar tracking and monitoring with RaspberryPi + WiFi + server.

    • October
      • SolSource Solar Cooking Chicken stock in pressure cooker
        Short video:

        Here are some pictures from my sunny day of gardening and cooking a whole chicken in pressure cooker using the SolSource Solar Grill by the fine folks at One Earth Designs

        Harvesting fresh veggies (carrots, celery root, shallots, chives,

    • July
      • SolarCue Maker/Hacker Project

        Love this slide from Rasmus Lerdorf at OpenWest this year:
        (Dreamer [ Hacker ) Coder]

        And there was light! ... the addiction starts

        Compass working!

        Transistor crew showing a huge collection of controlers at OpenWest

        Testing my Thermocoup

    • April
    • March
      • Cocco Garden

        Over winter greens (spinach, kale, chard) waking up from under the snow!
        I ordered seeds from the following and recommend:
        Baker Creek
        Territoral Seed Company
        Franci - GrowItalian

        Here are some of the colors of my 2012 harvest....

  • 2012
    • August
      • The Bug Guy

        Shout out to Richard Younghanz "The Bug Guy" who took my brother in-law and I out for a day of fly fishing during our vacation in CO. Great guy, I learned a ton!

    • July
      • Google Glass Side Effects, Opti-Grab v.2?

        Inventor Naven R. Johnson later version of Opti-grab

        The "new' Google Glass

        The moment of invention

        Let's not forget the side effects!

        FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a member of the Google Project Glass Explorer (Testing gro

      • Google Glass Glasses Specifications (Guessifications)
        Below are some notes from Google Hangouts today with Google "explorers" (alpha developers) group and Glass team. Now that I have a better idea of specs... so many cool optons to hack!:

        Specs In the Glasses:
        - Gyro & Accelerometer
        - Bluetooth, WiFi, No cellular<

      • Google I/O 2012 - Cloud Platform & Big Data
        Great experience at Google I/O 2012!
        Google rolled out some hot new tools and talks regarding Cloud platform, here are some I enjoyed:

        Google Compute Engine (IaaS):
        Urs Hölzle live demo of 771k core cluster and genome map, wow!

        Live build of Hadoop cluster on Comp

      • Google I/O Road Trip Pictures

        Arrive Petaluma CA, Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Bank 1,200+ seed varieties!

        Oysters grilling with the Claytons at Dillon Beach... yum!

        Heading into SF, CA on Gold Gate bridge

        Google Glass (Glasses) ... mine are on order :) ... $1,500 :(

        Paul Oakenfol

    • March
      • Visualization & Interaction talks
        Getting inspired this morning with a few Ted talks I hadn't seen yet:
        John Underkoffler point to the future of UI
        - Tech behind Minority Report

        JoAnn Kuchera-Morin Demo: Stunning data visualization in the AlloSphere

        Gary Flake: is Pivot a turning point for web ex

      • Planning Big Data - O'Reily
        If you want an good overview to sort out the Big Data ecosystem I recommend the free e-book:

        Here are some of the areas I am focused on:
        page 7: "We're moving beyond an information economy. Information on its own isn

      • Powder!

        2 ft. of snow in 24 hours, 4 ft. storm cycle, about as good as Utah riding gets! Power face shots!

      • Follow "The World's 7 Most Powerful Data Scientists"
        Forbes, by: Tim O'Reilly : The World's 7 Most Powerful Data Scientists

        Here are all the Twitter or Google Plus feeds I could find:

        1 - Larry Page (Google) -

        2 - Jeff Hammerbachner (Cloudera) - https://twit


        I want a API...PLEASE!

      • LaunchUp Utah March 2012 #28

        Missed the live event thanks to Clark at Mustache Power Productions I was able to watch....
        Robb Kunz gave a great quick startup talk focused to the Utah crowd... at about 2:30 into the video.
        Here are some links I liked: Business Model Canvas

      • Training the Cloud with the Crowd: Google Prediction API + CrowdFlower
        Fun morning watching my research paper and demo app spreading around the world, 53 countries and counting.
        Proud of Google picking up! "DevRel Engineer +Marc Cohen (Google's Prediction API development expert) forwarded this fantastic web app..."

        Here are the direct lin

    • February
      • R + Twitter + Fusion-IO
        Great post with R code to query Twitter and visualize tweets and RTs. Here are the examples run for searchTerm='#fusionio OR #fusion-io OR $FIO OR @fusionio'

        example 1 - tweets and retweets

        example 2 - now colored

        example 3 - who retweets alot

      • Wallowa Hut Trip
        Just back from 4 day backcountry yurt trip in Wallowa Mtns NE Oregon. Great operation!

      • CinchTool
        Great time at startup weekend! I joined the team, sharp group coded backend service, front end, marketing and e-commerce within 2 days! Company started and will continue to run, new round of features coming soon. Over 10k Cinch'd pages within the first week.

      • Coding Avalanche

        Scary backcountry conditions this year. Nice video Craig, love the slow'mo'audio!
        Good weekend to write code. I am pitching PredicTag at Salt Lake City StartupWeekend

      • IBM's Watson - Machine Learning

        Cool graphical video of how Watson answers Jeopardy questions. Here is also a TED talk about Watson's win.

    • January
      • Google Refine and Translate
        Wondering what Japan is saying about Fusion-io?
        Tweets can be hard enough to decipher let alone translated tweets...

        Here are some tips on translating Tweets with Refine and Google Translate REST api.

        - Imported data into Google-Refine remember to specify utf-8 cha

      • Got Dirty Data? Google Refine it!
        If you work with data, json, XML, especially dirty data you must check out
        Google Refine. Thanks Google!

        Watch part 2 & 3 for the real fun....

      • Fusion-io Brand Tracking

        Tough day of trading for FIO 25.50 -4.84 (-15.95%)!
        I started my brand tracking data capture for FIO today, capturing all(yep all) Tweets, FB posts, a few others... Interesting day to start following Fusion-io Q2 results last night.

        Tweet from highest Klout score of 61 with 9

      • Chris Sharma, Kevin Cocco & Jeremy Jones

        Had the amazing luck to run into two of my favorite athletes of all time at the same time during the Salt Lake City Outdoor Retailer show. Arguably Chris the best climber and Jeremy snowboarder of all time.

        Jeremy Jones

        Chris Sharma
        Sharma Video

      • LucidCharts + Wordle = Google Prediction API Graphic

        I highly recommend LucidCharts for flow charts and simple graphics, very slick! The word map cloud was created with the the classic Wordle. The above is a draft graphic for a research project using CrowdFlower to build a training dataset for Google Prediction API's cloud machine l

  • 2011
    • December
      • Ice

        Alex Lemieux and I climbing GWI

        Tree exit, step over, wild! Climbing up no problem, coming down hike/cartwheel ouch!

      • 200 Terabyte Home Movie

        Some amazing graphical representations of data! Here is the company that was started from this work: Bluefin Labs The days of Neilson television-metering boxes is over. My latest projet is in the world of machine learning w/ Google Prediction API ... currently modeling a large dataset

    • November
      • RIP Jamie Pierre

        Jamie was a friend of a friend and I talked with him a few times, super nice guy, sorry to see him go. More about his accident.


        Give it a try:

        The above image is generated live from the following URL:

        Open source project on github that uses REST api

      • Rocks and Snow

      • Google IO Prediction API & Caption API
        Playing catch up watching a few Google IO 2011sessions from May....

        Want to leverage Google's machine learning engine(s)? Check out the presentation Smart App Design that shows how to upload a data set, create a model then send transactional data to be modeled live. Simple REST api

      • Black Diamond Compactor Poles

        DB Compactor Poles are now on the market! I was a tester for the early prototypes last year and love them. Light, tough, easy to fold down. If you are a split boarder or anyone that needs to pack poles for the decent, the folded size is perfect. I cranked on these especially hard poling ou

      • Dr. Magali Lequient Veterinarian ... has moved!

        Shout out to all Salt Lake and Park City pet owners!
        My close friend Magali Lequient has moved from University Veterinary Hospital to White Pine Veterinary Clinic. I can't recommend her enough, amazingly sharp and compassionate vet. Magali is also an ultra hard mountain women, that

      • Eat Your Own Dog Food
        Interesting Google+ blog post from Googler ranting about platforms. Steve Yegge outlines his time at Amazon while they shifted to SOA, Facebook's threat and where he feels Google must go. It's hard to not agree when you see the impressions/traffic and FB Credits revenue Facebook receives

      • Amdahl's Law

        FIO - Fusion-IO posted great results during today's investor earnings call! Growing their $1million+ customers this quarter to 6, but, due to customer privacy not able to discuss the specific growth of Facebook or Apple.

        During analyst questioning I was happy to hear CEO

    • October
      • Adventure Capitalist

        Red Pine Lake

        Here is the Snow Cave without the snow... snow is coming!

      • Open Compute Project & FusionIO?

        It will be interesting to see how Facebook's Open Compute Project will drive the future of the infrastructure ecosystem? Today you can see the published specs for data center (Racks, Battery, Electrical, Mechanical) and server ( Motherboards (AMD & Intel), Power Supply, Chassis) ...b

      • TEDs on China

        TED Talks on China:
        Martin Jacques - Understanding the raise of China - "2020" China expected to have the same sized economy as USA, Top three contributors to China's rise 1- Civilization state verse nation state, example of how Hong Kong has maintained such different rule

      • Wilderness First Responder
        This Saturday I finished my Wilderness First Responder certification at the University of Utah's Medical center through Wilderness Medicine of Utah. Great instructors! Fun group of Ski Guides, Climbing Guides, Wilderness Guides,..., Snowmobile, Horse and one Computer Scientist (me). If the c

    • September
      • OpenGraph light weight activity
        Another impressive round of innovations from Facebook released a this years F8 event. 40+ huge media partner integrations launched today. This pace of innovation and network node&edge growth will make them extremely hard to catch. Watch F8 event keynote below, funny Andy Samber intro....
      • Steort's Ridge

        The ultra classic easy three pitch big cottonwood canyon climb Steort's Ridge. Alex topping out on the third pitch arete...

      • Farmigo CSAaaS
        Great execution by Farmigo on their CSAaaS (community supported agriculture as a service), I made that up. Having researched this business model it was interesting to see the TechCrunch Disrupt presentation and questions. I think it's smart that they are focusing on the social interactions of

      • Montana MS 150

        Great time and cause, rode with Team Katy supporting Multiple Sclerosis in the annual MS 150. Billings to Red Lodge then back. Always fun hanging out with the Bradys!

      • Tagge's Farm & Slide Ridge Honey

        Willard Bay, Great salt lake, from the slopes of Tagge's Farm.
        Amazing Farm tour put on by the fun crew of Downtown SLC Farmers Market

        Thayne Tagge showing one of the 28 different types of peaches he grows

        Huge blackberry! & Tory Clayton

    • August
      • Tour of Utah

        Live heli video coverage of Tour of Utah, watch out for the power cables

        Oscar Alvarez leading into the canyon

        Levi Leipheimer overall winner in the peloton for the last climb to Snowbird

        Watched live stream as the tour climbed 8k ft. ov

      • graphics
        08/12/11 Some amazing graphics created with Processing, also check out New York Times Labs 3D propagation of stories on twitter using Processing and MongoDB.

    • July
      • ifly

        Back in June with the Cromar's at the wind tunnel IFly Ogden Utah

        Mike Cromar

        Kevin Cocco

        Cale Cromar


      • Algorithms

        Interesting Ted Talk regarding Algorithms. "Writing the unreadable", "Pragmatic Chaos" pick 60% of the movies people watch on Netflix. Kevin Slavin briefly mentions a company Epagogix that predicts box office success of a movie script through algorithms, same compan

      • Suicide Chute July 18th

        Alex and Magali kicking steps up Suicide chute



        Magali and Alex at top of chute

        Looking down

        Alex with a found ski on back

        Chute of side of Mt. Superior Little Cottonwood Canyon

      • Bacon and Cassandra
        to add bacon to click here

        Found on blog while researching Cassandra NoSQL database

      • Cinemagraph

        Animated GIF / Cinemagraphs

        Here is a nice tutorial on how to create with CS5 extended

      • Atlantis

        Twitpic from airplane of Atlantis last take off

    • April
      • Dawn Patrol

        Head lamps 5am start up Mtn. Superior



        South face run

        Video by Kolin!

    • March
      • Gardening an Ecological Approach by Fred Montague

        I finished the amazing Gardening an Ecological Approach earlier this week and went back to work out the "Earth Season Circle" and associated circle garden. The goal is to mark last and first frost dates and max. sun angle solstices and equinox. Above is a Wolfram Alpha calcula

      • Wasatch Powderkeg 2011

        Kevin Cocco

        Was happy to see friend Galen (owner of Brighton Ski Resort Photo - Star Photo) taking pics of the race... thanks for Galen!

        Magali and I enjoying our post race burger and beer. More pictures from Kolin here.

        A great sufferfest completed! Bi

      • LCC to BCC

      • Winterstick!

        Video of Alex Lemieux shreding the 3 ft. of fresh and sunny sky. Wow amazing day!

        Back deck

        Alex testing Black Diamond's 2012 Megawatt Ski, HOT
        Today was the first time I took the Winterstick off the wall, mounted and rode. I purchased this old sch

      • Inverted and Flat

        Getting back on the split today, breaking trail in the new snow, more coming possible 40" storm!

      • Powder Mtn Powder

        Jone, Sheri, Holly



        Powder Mtn. living up to it's name. March 3+4, 2nd annual pow mow trip, hit the northern storm on the money.

      • Days Fork Video by Kolin
        Thanks Kolin for posting video pictures on your site!

    • February
      • Bonkers day 50

        Magali product testing Black Diamond prototype Avalung

        2 laps for a total 6100 vert., 12k over the last two days = rest tomorrow.
        Today's classic tour happens to mark 50th day of riding this season.
        12 days until the Wasatch Powder

      • Days with Magali and Kolin

        Laps of perfect powder, 6200 vert.


        Below some excellent pics from Kolin, thanks!


        Magali charging

      • Holly Shreding Pow

        Holly Cocco working the pow at Brighton!

        Into the trees
        Note, this was the day that Holly easily conquered her nemesis run Doyles Dive!

      • Brighton with the Guys

        Mike and Alex Epic Brighton pow day!

      • Winter Carrots

        From the snow covered garden...

      • Crowbar Ski Mountaineer Race 2011
        Crowbar Race a USMMA race was held today... I raced and was very happy to place first in the recreation division, 3k vert. 7 miles. Very nice group of racers and organizers.

      • Lenticular

        Can you find the 3 UFOs(Lenticular Clouds) check out my old Wikipedia reference...

      • Silver Fork

        Mike Cromar

      • Snow Cave

        Alex and Magali in the Family Room

        Bed Room

        Picture of me by Mike earlier this week

      • Intervals


      • Cold Days Laps

        Sunny and cold, flagstaff to Days Fork laps

    • January
      • Mineral Fork

      • Reynolds Peak

        North side of lower Big Cottonwood canyon, check out Kessler peak's "God's Lawn Mower"
        3k of climbing on 25th day

      • Days Fork and Reed and Benson Ridge

        Cardiac Ridge and Ivory Flakes

      • Cardiff - Black Knob - Ivory - MineralFork

        Alex & Magali

        Black Knob


        23rd day of riding. 4,200 ft. up from Little CWC 6,200 down to Big

      • Homemade Electrolyte Sports Drink
        Backcountry chat gave me a goal to design a homemade sports drink, Gatorade(tm) clone.

        32oz Water
        1.5 Tbsp Pure Cane Sugar
        1/4 cup Orange Juice
        1.5 Tbsp Honey
        1/4 tsp Sea Salt
        1/2 Tbsp Lemon

        per 8oz
        Gatorade - My Recipe
        Calories: 52

      • 2011 Ski Mountaineering Race Schedules
        Here is the 2011 North American lineup, United States Ski Mountaineering Association Races and the Canadian Ski Mountaineering Race Schedule

        Not exactly sure what I will make this year but maybe:
        Crowbar Race - Logan, UT - 2/19
        PowderKeg - Brighton, UT - 3/12
        One or more o

      • Icy Fun

      • Good Morning Wasatch

        YetAnother iPhone panoramic, sun to sun. My SLR is gathering dust for now...
        Registered today for the Wasatch Powder Keg ski & splitboard mountaineering race!

      • Cardiff to SFL

        Mike above the SLC inversion. 1 pole + 1 ski

      • Flagstaff

        Mt. Superior and Cardiac Ridge taken from Flagstaff area
        Day 14 riding this season, lucky to have perfect avalanche conditions backcountry this season. Dates announced for Wasatch Powder Keg 2011 March 12th!

  • 2010
    • December
      • Sabbatical 2011

        Solitude Ski resort today after last day @ PEI, great people and company!

        IPhone Pano app picture of Wolverine Cirque

        Day 7 of ?

    • September
      • Volie Mojo RX66 Splitboard

        My new stick! Voile Mojo RX66 Splitboard from the season starting Black Diamond Avalanche Center Fund Raiser/party silent auction.

        Check out the quick release orange rip cord on the light rail bindings and yes double height climbing bars.

        old Volie


    • August
      • The Beauty of Data Visualization
        New round of TED talks from July 2010, enjoyed McCandless: The Beauty of Data Visualization he mentions Han Rasling (a TED favorite) as an inspiration. Different war, ink & pen, Minard's classic graphic from 1861.

      • Tour of Utah Stage 5 Live Remote Stream
        Will be streaming live today....stay tuned

    • April
      • Soyuz
        Watched the Soyuz launch live tonight... I can watch the astronaut live on but Moscow having issues communicating with the crew....

    • February
      • Split Board New Integrated Plate Bindings from & Voile
        Great news for splitboarders, new bindings that have the binding and plate integrated. Makes so much sense. Hats off to Spark R&D for innovation in their Fuse Bindings. Spark is also putting out a nice Dynafit drill free converter kit to mount toe pieces

      • Stoll Klein Stein

        Bought a Klein Bottle (Klein Stein) for Dad.... great e-mail and pictures from Dr. Stoll.

        "The box oughta arrive on Saturday February 13, give or take an aeon. Perhaps a bit later, what with the weather, the economy, global warming, continental drift, and the expansion of the

      • Oscilloscope

        Enjoyed a series of technology videos with my Dad (Dr. Lennie Cocco) during my parents visit. Get your pop-corn and slide rule.

        Clifford Stoll: Education, Oscilloscope

        Hans Rosling: 'The Seeming Impossible Is Possible&

  • 2009
    • October
      • Inflight WiFi
        This blog is being posted from 30kft feet, inflight WiFi by Gogo on American Airlines. I just finished a round of tests streaming video from a few of web sites without issue. Just closed down a live screen share and two way video cam with a few of my developers in the office... our Adobe Acrobat C

      • Boulder Walls

        Earth Quake, Rolling dump in front yard!

      • Sundial Peak - Lake Blanche

        Big Cottonwood Canyon, Lake Blanche

        Solar Sun dried tomatoes, last weekend

    • September
    • August
    • July
    • June
      • Utah Solar Energy Credits
        I did some digging at to find Utah and Federal credits for residential Solar Panels. Looks like a possible $22,500 in incentives for a $30,000 system.

        Check out the details, I published at Google Docs:

        Online Spread Sheet Utah Solar Energy Credit Calc. - PDF

    • May
    • April
      • Mt Aire

        Mike Cromar

        Kevin Cocco
        Mt. Aire Pictures thanks to Brett Brady

      • Snowbird

        Kevin Cocco April 7th, Snowbird Utah
        Wind blown perfect powder with work friends. Photo taken by Powder Shots.

    • March
      • Romanesco

        Fractal Food
        Thomas Freidman speech ... Energy Technology!

    • January
      • As Luck Would Have It ... videos
        Wild set of short video clips of people narrowly avoiding disasters.

        Baked some bread today for my records:

  • 2008
    • November
      • California Valley Quail

        California Valley Quail in the back yard. New Adobe Light Room 2.1.. on the Mac

      • Cranking Amazon EC2 Compute Units with Amnimoto

        Here is a quick test of Amnimoto! Slick interface.

      • Jeff Bezos on Amazon cloud services and cocaine quote
        Jeff Bezos at Startup School 2008
        He high lights the picture, music video collaborator Animoto running on Amazon

        Check out the slick feature of Omnisio(aquired by Google) that allows exact seek point linking: Jeff talks about the ZDnet quote: "Amazon will be like a book store

      • Dapper MashupAds
        The super scrapper application Dapper is back with it's new MashupAds feature! I played with in 2006 but, seems they have found a great niche! Check out this example of how they have integrated information on this 3rd party page into the ad.

      • Google Friend Connect, Open Social Made Easy
        Great intro in the power of Open Social and the new Google Friend Connect.

        Here is another earlier post regarding the Open Social API

      • Season is ON

        Back country riding this Sat. marks the beginning of my season. And more snow coming! North facing aspects were nice South facing karate fighting.

      • Dell doesn't want your money
        In the purchasing process for a Dell laptop today I repeatedly get the following message and loose all laptop selections? Mac or PC ... who wants my money?

        Well I did end up getting into the shopping cart and checked out. Just as I was closing the deal, De

      • LinkedIn OpenSocial Integration
        LinkedIn is starting to introduce some strong tools. LinkedIn is utilizing the Open Social API in a new events planning system. Also check out the easy mash up with Google Apps presentations.

    • October
      • BBC Wrong on US Currency?
        Strong title from BBC... but, has the "Global financial crisis has been hitting US hard - striking at its financial systems, currency,.."?

        Compared to what currency? Check out this same day article from Forbes regarding "Dollar surges vs euro"?

      • Presidental Prediction by Intrade Markets
        Market driven presidential predictions. The following are live graphs. Should we trust a market to predict the passing of the bail out plan?



        Here some info how the bidding works...

    • September
      • Deer Valley

      • The Seemingly Impossible is Possible
        Check out this TED 2007 presentation by Hans Rosling "The seemingly impossible is possible". Have to see his grand finale!

        Amazing visualization of world data by Gapminder World a Google company as of March 2006. Here are few of more interesting motion charts I found int

      • Google profits finding USA Today pay articles
        Searching for an article I was interviewed for in USA Today Jan 2005...Searching on USAToday shows the article for sale $3.95 and showed a abstract only. But if you search for Kevin Cocco on Google they show the full article on VoIP indexed and available. Making money with AdWords. Google is also

      • City of Rocks Idaho

        Quick weekend at City of Rocks Idaho


        Magali and Alex

    • August
      • Ocean City Sunrise

        Ocean City NJ Sunrise Over Atlantic City 8~6~2008

      • Open Social - Don't build a new community integrate with them
        Rather then trying to build a new MySpace, Facebook, Google Orkut, LinkedIn, Plaxo,.... the smarter play is to integrate with these communities and leverage their existing mega user bases and their interconnections. I finally found some time to review several of the Open Social Presentations from t

    • July
      • Groove Squeeze'n atop Lone Peak

        Alex Lemieux of documenting climbs and taking pictures of me on climbing route Open Book. The climb tops out on the crown of the granite-like/quartz monzonite cirque the Lone Peak 11,253'. After hiking the Alpine and Jacobs Ladder approaches, I recommend Jacobs. But, 5

      • Fannie Mae Freddie Mac Implicit Guarantee

        "The implicit guarantee" of the government backing/bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has given the USA "government's potential obligations which currently stand at about $9 trillion, would rise by an additional $5 trillion."
        Wonderful graphics from NYTim

      • Cocco nearly hit by plane climbing in Tuolumne

    • June
      • Mozilla Firefox 3 or Adobe Flash the world record for most downloads in a day?
        Mozilla has 8,290,545 downloads of the new Firefox 3. Congrats!

        But, Ben Forta Abobe ColdFusion Guru reminds us that Adobe Flash has publicly stated they have had over 10 million downloads within one day..?

      • Net Promoter Score & the Ultimate Question
        I just read the by: Fred Reichheld. After being involved in technical implementations of several large customer satisfaction measurement projects I find Reichheld's model pragmatic and effective. Here are few of the basic highlights:

        - The Ultimate Question is to ask customers wou

      • Google Real Estate Search displays Housing Search
        Noticed Google presented me with their Housing Search interface today when searching for the broad term 'Real Estate'... actually I intended on searching for Real Estate Gadgets.
        This Housing search is combing through Google Base data. The Google house screen does not have any ads?

    • May
    • April
      • Live Hot Tub and Crane
        Testing a little more... goal is to stream the crane dropping my new hot tub in the back yard... 8:30am May 1st.
        Here is another article about Amazon and "cloud computing"

      • Video Testing

      • Mule Deer

        Wasatch Mule Deer

        Check out Google Map's slick new Terrain map view
        Twin Peaks from the home.. To be climbed..

        Closest major rock band...To be climbed...

      • Kevin Cocco channel
        Testing the streaming video mash up. The system is hosted on Amazon's Simple Storage Service. Under 1 penny per user streaming video! Check out the article in New York Times

      • Spring Powder! PowderShots
        The Wasatch delivering a nice 1+ foot of fresh powder. These shots of me from the PowderShots folks at Snowbird. They did not have the pictures available on-line the same day... this must loose them major money in not having them on-line same day. People forget their number or loose interest.

      • vozME text to speach

    • March
      • Easter Pie 2008

        The Cocco Family Easter Pie 2008. Check out the new photo sequence on how to make Easter Pie and Recipe

        Check out the snow! The weather pushed the party inside this year.

        Here is Holly and her Mom in the garage converted to dinning room to seat the crowds of pie eat

      • Italian-American traffic

        The traffic for term Easter Pie (aka Italian Meat Pie) is starting it's annual spike. I just added Google analytics, Amazon product links and Adsense yesterday.

        New York is taking the strong leading state representing the classic Italian Easter meal. D

    • February
      • Wolverine fog patrol

        Mike Cromar

        Magali Lequient


        Magali and Martin

      • Cocco & Cromar Kicking Steps at Brighton

        Check out the camera man and his slide

        A snowboarder dropped the cliff and to our surprise did not kick off another slide. Put camera away after waiting many minutes ready to auto shoot.

        Kevin Cocco taken by Kevin

    • January
      • South Face Superior Peak Dawn Patrol

        Looking out the ridge line traverse to Superior peak Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

        Mike Cromar skinning from Cardiff pass towards Superior

        Looking down the chute from the peak

        Cardiac Ridge

        Monte Cristo

        Mike Cromar on peak with a treo fro

      • God's Lawn Mower
        Backcountry riding today in Big Cottonwood Canyon's God's lawn mower. The North West Face of Kessler Peak.... excellent conditions!

      • Google SketchUp Floor Plan

        A quick floor plan for upstairs painting put together with Google SketchUp. I used the free version and was impressed. Here are some of the tips I found usefull:
        * After drawing a line with the pencil draw tool you can type in the length to keep scale.
        Quick keys following the firs

  • 2007
    • December
    • November
      • Solar Oven Thanksgiving

        270 Fahrenheit!

        These ducks where on ice in the morning.

        Sun Oven Solar Cooking Thanksgiving. [url=]Solar cooked sweat potatoes[/url]

      • Adobe Light Room

        Alex rock climbing in Utah's Little Cottonwood canyon.

        Here are the LightRoom basics develop settings.

        Here is the original image with the saturation cranked up.

        Big Foot!

      • WhiBal card in Ferguson Canyon

        From the mouth of Ferguson canyon.

        Using the white balance card. Before above and after below.

      • Gear Loop Topo climbing pictures

        Alex Lemieux rock climbing with his GearLoopTopo .

        The site is looking great! Thirty three classic Red Rocks rock climbings are now fully documented... new multi pitch classics coming soon.

        11/03/07 photo shoot. Multi pitch classics clearly documented on a handy gear loop topo. The first release is for Red Rocks Nevada multi pitch routes. Wasatch and Utah desert classics coming soon.

        Nice selection of Red Rocks climbing info. Las Vegas and rock climbing!

    • October
      • New Home!
        New backyard from Google Earth.

        Directly between my two favorite canyons Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood canyon. The Wasatch-Cache National Forest!

    • July
        07/22/07 site in pre-launch phase. Testing Google Blogger custom domain name process. I find Blogger fast, easy, free and more customizable than I expected. This site will likely be tested in WordPress and/or Modx.

        Here are some of my random posts regarding Solar Cooking...

      • Sunset Peak Alta Utah

        Head lamp and tripod, Sunset peak Kevin Cocco

    • June
        Just picked up ...a Cocco family tradition.. site coming soon

        Google trends does not give you volume but you can use other sites to give you an idea of traffic volume in comparison..

      • Pentapitch Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah

        Pentapitch Rock Climb in Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah

      • City of Rocks

      • Google and EBay battle for Audio Ads
        I was just added to the Google test for Audio Ads.

        Google is now starting to sell radio spots. Note, their Ad Creation Marketplace. They are really promoting this for both Video and now Radio spot. You can get contract work from Google partners to put these media ads together.<

      • Google Groups Used as Free Mailing List

        Just added a Google Groups "promotion box". I found a nice post that recommended using google groups for managing an e-mail mailing list. Quick, easy and free...
        Check out my test on lower right column of this page, give it a try.

    • May
    • April
    • March
      • Brighton

        Taken with my new Canon PowerShot SD1000 ... replacement for the camera that jumped out of pocket and into the back country of Powder Mountain? I will also be picking up the XTi SLR shortly.

      • Kiva Micro Loans

        Here is my Kiva lender profile. It will be interesting to see how these projects work out over time. The lenders in Kiva's program do not make profit from their loans. I would hope to be payed back and then roll the money into other peer-to-peer micro loans...

      • Google Apps the Microsoft Killer?
        What business technology does a company generally need? Word Processor? Spread Sheet? E-Mail? Group Calendar? Chat? To-do list? Mobile access? 24/7 phone support? Custom web domain name? 10 gig of storage per user?

        Google Apps now supports all this for $50 per year(excellent deal when y

      • Ouray Colorado Ice Park

      • Silverton Mountain Colorado

      • 4 days of Utah powder










    • February
      • Altocumulus Lenticular Clouds
        Altocumulus Lenticular Clouds, Wasatch Mountains, Utah

        Wolverine Bowl back country day

        Chute saved for a safer day...

      • Pioneer Peak- Brighton

        Mike riding Pioneer peak Brighton ski resort back country

      • Trust Logos & Skype

        --------------------------------------------------------------------- impressed me with their home page web design. Notice the "No Spyware Adware Malware" button with crown/halo? This Formated text/logo/bug feels like the site is part of some association (BBB, SH

      • Solar Oven Ordered

        ---------------------------------------------- will ship the oven for $198 with the coupon code: newcust5
        It took me about 5 seconds to find this $10+ coupon. TIP: When you see a coupon entry field when checking out just run a quick Google search. You will find

      • Oprah & Jack Canfield talk The Secret - Law of Attraction
        Jack Canfield appeared on Oprah today. Here is the press release we placed yesterday.. first 3 search results for both Google News & Yahoo News!

        Jack Canfield Coaching press release for Jack Canfield promoting his appearance on the Oprah show today. The show was a discussion of the

    • January
      • YouTube 1,472,627 hits 1 week

        I met the co-publisher of these YouTube videos today in an unrelated business meeting. He did not expect the growth. What is 1.47 mill visits worth? Say $0.01 per view $147k - 0(zero production cost) = Profit! Interesting to see the comments

      • Great White Icicle

      • xRez panoramics with Google Maps zoom

        Yosemite image with zoom from

        Here are a couple of related projects I have worked on:

      • Google Check Out

        Google adding promotion to their base search site, is this the first time?... should PayPal/EBay be watching out? Signed up and purchased a $10.29 CD with my $10 credit.

      • Snowbird

      • NYC
        Mural across from Florant resturant, Ahi Tuna w/pastina! pasta side 2 thumbs up.

        Can you find DiscoverCard?

        Congratulations to my friend that was on the Eragon development team. Times square!

        More to come on my visit to Inman Connect.

      • Google Conversion University - Tracking and Testing
        3 short but sweet articles in the Tracking and Testing section of Google's Conversion University site:
        Offline Campaigns
        E-Mail Campaigns
        Testing Keyword Landing Pages

      • Time Magazine's POTY - Web 2.0
        As you have most likely seen Time selected you/everyone as person of the year. I am not a Time magazine regular reader but, thought I would check out the mass media description of Web 2.0, "user-powered revolution",... Jon Steward of The Daily Show was bringing up the disturbing point th

      • Happy New Year!
        Kicked off the new year at the Raconteurs show at the Riviera Theature, Chicago! Amazing show! One of the best rock bands playing today. I also kept the new year rock'in & roll'in and saw The Hold Steady at the Chicago House of Blues the night of the 1st... first time seeing or heari

      • Christmas Eve Dinner 2006

        Jordan and Dad

        Baccala (Salted Cod) Carpaccio & BBQ Shrimp

        Ethan and huge crab leg

  • 2006
    • December
      • Riley Alexander Skiing

        Riley Alexander skiing laps on the magic carpet.

      • Jordan Alexander Snowboarding

        Jordan Alexander, check out the air!

      • Ethan Alexander Snowboarding

        Ethan Alexander Snowboarding high speed jumping!

      • Grand Geneva "Mountain"

        Grand Geneva Ski Resort aka Mountain Top. The Alexanders shred'in up the "mountain" with their new snowboards and ski gear.

      • Powder shots to no shots


        Kevin Cocco



        The above shots are from Brighton Dec 17th... I am in Chicagoland for the holidays and heading to Grand Geneva ski resort in Wisconsin, the old Playboy club aka Americana. The current conditions are VC (variable

      • Web Directory SEO Link Build Resource
        Found a nice resource for web directory inbound link building research. maintains a list 311 directories (free & pay). They also sell packaged submitting services.
        Aron Wall has an excellent link that talks about pros, cons and lists some of his recommended dirs... http:

      • 99 Little Known Ways to Brand on the Cheap
        Nice collection of cheap ideas:

        Here is an article that lists $600 in free marketing for starting accounts with the search engines... Free Advertising: Microsoft $200, Google $50, LookSmart $300, & Ask $50

      • Google Apps for Your Domain
        Google Apps and deal
        Google partners with the wildly popular domain name registration and servicing company. Very atractive deal with their Ad-supported Web site model and huge small business customer traffic. This is how GoDaddy describes their web hosting.... "F

      • Gizoogle !FUNNY!

        If you want a huge laugh type your favorite site into Gizoogled Gizoogled

      • Trademarks & Keyword PPC
        Found a nice article regarding pay per click keyword trademark infringement:

      • Jack Canfield and Kevin Cocco

        Is that a Elvis and a Yeti? Hard to tell with such a low quality phone picture of Jack Canfield and I after dinner tonight. What a great guy! Jack is the author of the New York Times multi best selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series. If you have not picked up his latest book Success Prin

      • Amazon Omakase Dynamic Ads

        I installed Amazon's new dynamic affiliate (aka Amazon Assocaiates Program) ad tool called Omakase. As you can see from the picture above Omakase recommended Josh Groban? I think Amazon needs to tune their engine as this is about the worst pick for me.
        Just added a new affiliate

      • Dell sells ?? new PC customers to Google
        While configuring my new laptop I have run across another marketing partnership between a search engine and powerhouse. Dell sets the Microsoft Internet Explorer default page to a co-branded Google desktop. This must really fire up some people at Microsoft!

      • Adobe - Flash - Yahoo additional info....
        I have been informed that the promotion of Yahoo Toolbar with Flash download has been in place for a few years before the Adobe acquired Macromedia. I also learned "You'll only see those checkboxes if you use IE/Win as your browser, and visit the download center instead of using the norma

      • Adobe sells 723 Million customers to Yahoo!
        Added 12/5: Please see additional info...

        Yahoo must have shelled out some coin for this deal...or some other partnership? Adobe now owns the Flash Player which is installed on 723M PCs. According to the Adobe penetration report there are 743M "PCs using the Internet", over &q

      • Brighton Ski Resort Utah

    • November
      • Visual Find Engine

        Slick search cloud interface. Nice tool for SEO keyword research. I have found it useful for finding negative keywords. Overall I found search results very meaningful.

      • DIGG it!
        Just put out a press release "Carleton Sheets Slams National Real Estate Bubble Theory During Interviews" for a site that I support

        The press release has already been picked up by Yahoo News:


      • Submit Web Sites to Search Engines for FREE
        Below are the major search engines and there FREE web site registration tools. Both Google and Yahoo have a web master tools that allow you to see your index stats. I just enable a new feature of Google Webmaster Tools that will auto index the pictures on this site. I was happy to find out that S

      • Microsoft adCenter
        Started an ad campaign on Microsoft adCenter this morning. Aaron Wall from posted a link to an excellent promo:code DM-2-1106 for $200 worth of ad spend for opening a new account. You are required to spend $5 bucks to get the account setup and then it's free marketing money!

      • Winterstick Swallow Tail

        My nearly extinct Winterstick Swallow Tail. Today's base at Brighton was only 32 inches, looks like the Swallow Tail will have to wait.... I do not plan on riding this board until there is 100inch plus on the ground with at least 1foot of fresh.

      • SEO Free Tools
        I added a few SEO tools that I use to my links section. You should see more and more SEM (Search Engine Marketing) & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) related info posted on this site as I dive deeper into the wild west of on-line marketing!

        Very slick tool to track the top 10 search

      • Little Cottonwood Canyon, Cliff Lodge

        The Snowbird Cliff Lodge. Open air pool and hot tub spa looking up at Mt. Superior.

        Alta ski resort pre-season powder feeding frenzy

      • Indian Creek

        Easter Island tower, Bridger Jack Mesa, Indian Creek, Utah

        1st Pitch

        2nd Pitch start

        2nd Pitch Finish

        Six Shooter Peaks

    • October
      • City of Rocks

        Rock Climbing in City of Rocks, Idaho. The building blocks formation. Nice heal hook Alex!

      • Google Buys YouTube
        Wow, 1.65 billion in stock and Google now owns YouTube serves over 100 million movies per day.
        Here are a few details regarding the deal from Wired Magazine:

    • August
      • Moose Brighton

        Moose under Brighton Ski resort lift full image

      • Uinta

        Uinta Mtns, Utah

      • Google AdSense
        I added some Google AdSense ads to the site tonight. Webmasters guidelines has the cap on links per page to a fewer than 100 "a resonable number. Here are the full guide lines: There is also the huge list for the lawyers

      • Dapper -
        Dapp a new tool service that allows you to gather data from web sites and create feeds and services.

        Dapper Demo
        Quick test to extract the number of properties listed on
        The HTML output

      • Low-Fi is the new Hi-Fi
        Green screen rules!

      • E-Bay Search Web 2.0

      • Vail Resort offers free ticket to save the world

        Get a free lift ticket to Vail Resorts when you signup for renewable energy credits!

        By purchasing renewable energy credits equal to the company's entire electricity use, Vail Resorts becomes the second largest purchaser of wind power o

      • Google Translate La pasqua di Cocco

        Google Translate of the site

    • July
      • Crop Circles by Zillow Maps

        The image can be found east of the Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO.
        Check out the Carnival of Real Estate, a great collection of real estate blog posts and inovative SEO strategy for

      • Ocean City, New Jersey, Coccos

    • June
    • May
      • Baldy Chute pics of me

        Peak shooting a panoramic next to weather station

        Entering Baldy Chute

        These are some pictures of me at Alta Baldy Chute June 20th recieved them from Alex tonight.

      • Tingeys Torture LCWC

        Tingey's Torture Little Cottonwood Canyon-Gate Buttress - The Dihedrals

        The following is a sequence of legendary Steven Jeffery bouldering at the gate buttr

      • Snowbird and birds

        Snowbirds last weekend. White out snow and fog at the top of Little Cloud lift.

        The neighborhood chicks

      • Enron jury: Skilling, Lay guilty
        Enron jury: Skilling, Lay guilty

        Since watching the movie Enron - The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005) I have been tracking this case. I had pledged to move a sizable percentage of funds out of the stock market if Skilling and Lay were not thrown in the clink. Highly recommend this docu

      • Baldy Chute Day II, Alta

        From Peak of Mt. Baldy

        Mike, Baldy Chute, Alta

        Inside chute panoramic
        the Birthday Boy

        Chicks taken from patio

      • Baldy Chute, Alta

        Alex dropping into the ultra classic Baldy Cute, Alta, Utah

        This rodent was droped 10 feet from us by a bird?

      • NOL Jazz Fest Art

        Stuart McClean

      • Snow Cats w Zoomifyer
        Created a Zoomifyer of the snowcat pics from Alta, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.

        -------======= Click to ZOOMIFY ======---------

      • Alta Snowcats

        Snowcats @ Little Cottonwood Canyon, Alta, Utah.
        Didn't carry camera at Snowbird jacket, short sleeves, blue bird day.

        Funky Award!

        Bad Ass Award!

        Hand Held Zoom crop

    • April
      • Blue Host
        Just moved the site to a new server hosted by Good deal: 15GB of storage, PHP, MySQL 50 DBs, ... for $6.95 per month.

        I also upgraded this Blog software to sphpblog- The sphpblog upgrade is very pragmatic. I did encounter an issue w

      • Comcast 12Mbps!
        Comcast in the house! speed test result on 2006-04-27 20:05:29 EST:
        9212 / 695
        Your download speed : 9212 kbps or 1151.5 KB/sec.
        That is 82.9% better than an average user on

        Your upload speed : 695 kbps or 86.9 KB/sec.
        That is 72.8

      • Google Analytics
        Finally got an invite to Google Analytic! Very impressive! Below is the main Executive overview. There are views for Marketers and Webmasters also.
        Note, click on the images to view larger images...


      • Lemieux ~ January 2006
        Some pictures sent to me today...from early January Wasatch



      • Tech Research Links PC Mag Aprill11th
        Just returned from Chicago and here are some of the research links I noted during flight.... - Exchage Alternative, opensource
        nasbackup - Linux NAS backup sourceforge
        Fasterfox - Precache pages
        Googlepreview - Thumbnales with google results
        Sharpreader - o

    • March
      • Snowbird

        Dan in the keyhole @ Snowbird. Little Cottonwood Canyon road below..

      • Pfeifferhorn 2-13-06 video
        Alex & Mag, Here is video clip from our Pfeifferhorn day.
        2006_2_13 pfeifferhorn video

      • Crocus

        Spring is coming... taking a day off riding to allow my arm one more day of healing. Snowbird has 140 inch base and flowers coming up in the valley...have to love Utah.

      • Brighton


      • Powder Mountain




      • Kessler Peak

        Alex with Twin Peaks and SLC valley in the background

        Kessler East Couloir

        Taken from top of Kessler



        Will return to take pictures of this tree

        Looking up at Argenta

        Mine shaft

      • PEI@Brighton

        Doug P Crest Chair Hike w/ sluff


        Doug T cross'em up

        03/03/06 ~ High quality streaming funky mixes out of Seatle

    • February
      • Solitude


      • Snowbird 2-17

        Andrew droping into the Gad Chutes, Snowbird Utah

        Zoom in of above panoramic

        Andrew, Scott, Glen preparing to stright line the mineral basin bowl

        Zoom in of Scott in the half pipe for the last run of the trip

        Zoom out Panoramic of the above.
      • Brighton 2-16
        Classic gun tower jump at Brighton




      • Solitude 2-15





      • Brighton 2-12

        Panoramic from top of Clayton Peak backcountry Brighton Utah, Big Cottonwood Canyon


        Andrew's leg

        The crew left to right: Dave, Scott, Glen, Brian, Pete, Andrew




      • Pfeifferhorn

    • January
      • Chads Gap

        Chads Gap, Grizzley Gulch. Amazing weekend topped off by sunny back country day.

      • Auction Mapper
        Excellent Flash application! The systems uses Zoomify for the mapping portion of this system. Very slick way to dynamically sort and view E-Bay auctions.

      • Park City from Scotts Peak

      • Calligraphy
        Very slick interface for learning calligraphy. My Wacom pen tablet worked with excellent accuracy in the Flash drawing window. I need to work on my accuracy is a quick practice using elements.

      • Flagstaff beat down

        Strong winds against the south facing ice sheet, Flagstaff beat down. Mike taking a break after reaching the ridge line after our one lap on the north side. The classic love hate relationship continues. Hating the split board on the icy skin track heading up the front side and loving it on

      • The fall of the Roman's
        Saturday Jan 7th...

        Roman's chute in the Big Cottonwood classic Wolverine Cirque.
        After years of looking down Roman's Cute we finally find the top in prime condition for droping in.

        The original photostich prior to crop and watercolor effect

      • Happy New Year!

        Mike getting "the rock jump" off of snake creek Brighton today. 22 inch last 24 hrs, 34inch last 48hrs...with a 97 inch base. What a start to 2006!

        Check out a panaramic(that I zoomified) from top of great western

  • 2005
    • December
      • Zoomify

        Big Cottonwood Canyon Panaramic from top of Coal Pit ~KCocco
        Zoomify provides nice Flash interface for zooming on large images. The intro version is free! There are some nice options for integration with a server for automated processing that run about $700 bucks.
        Check out my fir

      • Fish Heads

        Grouper Belize. Photo Photoshop Elements and Wacom pen tablet.

      • Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet

        Santa was good to me and dropped off a computer pen tablet. Amazing technology! Have only started playing with it. Above is a quick little test project.... I have done this type of work with Photoshop and mouse but, the pen makes much easier. Have plans to work with some photos when

      • Sikkim Flash Back

        Simon and I enjoying a home made millet beer during our treking celebration.
        Recieved an e-mail w/ pictures today from Sikkim, India treking friend Luisa. Brings out some amazing memories...

      • Brighton

        Magali next to Brighton Ski reorts Snake Creek lift.
        Cold and windy but, there were still many pow shots available.

      • Day one Solitude

        Snowing! Lake effect cycle that picks up moisture from the great salt lake and drops snow in the mtns as the clouds cool.

        Ducks swimming in the pond next to my patio today.

        Self Portrait of me returning home from snowboarding today....for Mom.
        Solitude ski resort t

    • November
      • Google Home page RSS feed

        Added two links to the bottom right of this blog that add a content feed to Google or Yahoo personal homepage. RSS(Rich Site Summary) is the technology that enables this generic syndicating of Web content. Umm, house smells of turkey... Happy Thanksgiving!

        Here is the code for the

      • Indian Creek Utah
        Pictures from my trip to Indian Creek this last weekend. The world famous climbing area about 45 min south of Moab Utah.... classic crack climbing!

        Magali giving Alex a ride

        Alex lay back'in

        Alex toping out on Elephant Man

        Me removing s

    • October
    • August
      • Albion Basin Moose

        Ran into a huge moose in Albion Basin today....

      • Bhutan Flower Photo Mosaic

        Buddha of power created with Bhutan flower mosaic.
        One of the rough drafts of a photo mosaic project using Tory's detailed collection of Bhutan flowers. The mosaic was created with application Mosaic Creator ( ). Olej put out a new version in July. This makes

      • Bhutan photos by Tory

        Laya, Bhutan Spring Festival
        Tory gave me his photos from the Bhutan trip to me. I has been fun to rewind through the amazing memories. Here is one of my favorites from Tory's excellent collection!

      • Pika Say What

        Find the pika and tents in the picture below

        Haystack mtn looking at Deep Lake....from the base of the rock climb..
        Photo by Magali Lequient

      • Coppermine Open Source Image Gallery
        Had some fun at the keyboard this morning. Installed Coppermine ( ) system on server at home. Prototype research tor image management solution. The system runs on Apache, PHP, MySQL, ImageMagick. Give it a test, pls register if you like and add photo(s)....

      • Wind River Range Wyoming II

        Upper Black Joe Lake from top of Haystack stack mtn., Alex & Magali ejoying the exposure

        Panoramic of Haystack Mountain and Deep Lake

        The following are more in the reflection series...

      • Wind River Range Wyoming

        Granite slabs rolling into moon lit Deep Lake, Wind River Range Wyoming
        Just arrived from 4 days of Hiking, Camping, Fishing and Climbing.

      • North West Panoramics

        Texada Island, British Columbia

        Desolation Sound, British Columbia

        Desolation Sound

        Redwood Forest National Park

      • Redwood Forest NP Beach

      • Orcus, San Juan Islands

        Moon Jellyfish

        Rock Crab

      • North West Girls

      • Desolation Sound, BC Kayaking

        Fullmoon paddle

      • Bike Trip

        Desolation Sound BC Canada
        Arrived from 1 month of to come

    • July
      • India, Darjeeling II

        Darjeeling "Toy Train" a narrow gauge steam engine.

        Stray dogs are every where in Asia sleeping under cars, in the middle of the road.

        Snow Leopard at the Darjeeling zoo. The zoo has one of the worlds most successful breeding programs for the endangered snow

      • India, Darjeeling I

        Darjeeling city from the balcony of the TV tower, about $2.25 per night and good restaurant.

        Spice shop. Many locals have the shop keeper put together a small mix of spices for one meal.

        The shop keeper cutting fish with a fixed blade in the middle of the l

      • India, Dehli

        The traditional traveling ear cleaner working on Younis. Looked so unfun that I passed on my cleaning.

        Qutb tower

        Imam Zamim Tomb

        Qutb arch

        Lotus Temple

        Humayuns Tomb

        Anoop Hotel Dehli

        Traditional Kashmir dinner with

      • India, Agra II

        Itmad-ud-daulah Tomb of Mirza Ghiyath Beg. One of my favorites!

        Jaigurudev a Hari Krishna temple. Hari Krishna are not eat meat, eggs and even onions. The donation box said to NOT donate if you eat meat or visit! This picture is from the roof of the build

    • June
      • India, Agra, Taj Mahal
        I was told that Agra newspaper reported a high temperature of 47 C (116 F) the day before I arrived..... I was also told the paper always reports one less degree "so people do not panic". So it may have been 118 F the day visited the Taj!! Not too many tourists...I wonder why? The Taj Ma

      • Bhutan Buddhist Paintings
        The following are a collection of some of the shots of Buddhist art work I took while visiting Dzongs, Temples, Monasteries within Bhutan. I could only take a small fraction of what we saw as photos are not allowed within the temples. These are all pictures from outside walls and entrances......
      • Bhutan Pictures part III

        Traditional dress Laya, Bhutan

        Gasa Hotsprings pool

        Dinner with monk. He has spent the majority of the last 15 years in hight mountain meditation very interesting fellow.

        When we arrived in Bhutan farmers were harvesting wheat and when we left they were floo

      • Bhutan Pictures part II

        Our first yak butter tea in Laya

        Laya Village

        Temple in Laya

        Our excellent guide and friend Passong. Enjoying a well earned mango juice at secret lake above Laya.


        Phuntsko our cook and Tencho horse man. Phuntsko is cutt

      • Bhutan Pictures part I
        The following are a few quick selections from Bhutan....I will break these down and include more later.

        360 Panoramic above the mountain village Laya just south of the Tibet border. Secret lake can be seen on the left.

        Jhomolhari Mountain

        Tigers Nest Monastery

      • Kangchendzonga Mountain Sikkim, India

        The rocky sharks tooth shaped peak is Kangchendzonga the worlds 3rd largest peak (28,169 ft).
        Picture was taken from Goecha La trail (16,100 ft), Sikkim, India.
        Well I am back in the states after 30 hours of traveling yesterday... more pictures to come as I edit through 1100 pics!

    • May
      • Belize Dive Marine Life
        Okay running out of time, I leave for Thailand, Bhutan, India tomorrow are some of my quick pics from the hundreds of underwater shots from Belize...

        Nurse Shark

        Blue Striped Grunt


        Tasty Lobster

      • Belize Night Dive

        A moray eel searching for dinner at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

        Any light source even my wimpy little rented light attracted swarms of little critters the guide called bugs.

        Doug, Pete, Kurt and I saw endless rays covering the sandy areas of the dive.

        Black G

      • Belize Blue Hole

        Doug and Julie swimming around the stalagmites of the deep Blue Hole cave.

        Our max depth was 135ft. Here is a zoom of Doug's gauge...130ft...

        Doug kick'in it in the deep hoping for a little nitrogen narcosis.

        Horse-eye jacks hanging out in the deep
      • Flores Guatemala

        Flores City is a small island (kind of, has casway). You can walk around the entire island within a half hour.

        Angela and Jacqueline a couple of fun traveling buddies I met.

        Sun going down over the fresh water lake.

      • Zipline Tikal Guatemala

        I meet Tristan on the temple sunrise he joined me for zip lineing that afternoon. This is him getting a crash course on jumping out of a tree.... and thankfully translating for me...

        Me zipping through the jungle on one of our 7 lines.

      • Tikal Guatemala

        Sunset from Mundo Perdido temple

        I like this sunset pic better than panoramic....

        Moon over Jaguar Temple

        Monkeys traveling in the jungle canopy

        Central Plaza

        Racumala (aka Guatacoon)

        Sunrise from Temple IV

      • Belize Actun Tunichil Miknal Cave
        Back in the states for 2 days....will try to edit and post pics from the 600+ taken...

        After 45 min jungle hike, 750 meters of swiming, climbing, ladder.... we see the skeleton of sacraficed 21yr old Maya women.

        Cave is home to many bats.

        All groups must where

    • April
      • Belize jungle, Guatemala
        Posting from San Pedro, Belize. Too many adventures to properly post since my last update. My jungle portion of my trip was amazing I meet some great people while traveling to Western Belize San Ignasio and then across the border to Guatemala. Some highlights...ATM cave Maya pottery and skeleton

      • Porter Fork

        This afternoon I spotted a mom and calf standing in the middle of the Porter Fork trai/road. My friend Magali was charged and forced up a tree by a moose in this same I treat these guys with respect.

        I just hiked off the side of the trail and waited a

      • Bathroom

        Travertine floor cut and installed in guest bathroom today. The last few days have been removing floor, thinset and screw cement board, patching, painting, cutting and installing stone floor.

        The tour starts Monday! Belize,Guatemala, Thailand, Bhutan, India, Thailand, SLC....
      • Wolverine Bowl with the Boyz

        Dan, Mike and I on Mount Wolverine getting ready to pump out some laps in the bowl, celebrating my 70th day of riding.

        Mike off the classic wind lip top of Wolverine Bowl

        We rode the Brighton Ski lift Millicent ($free$ pass from Dan!! thanks!!). I was nice to kick some

      • Google Satellite Map

        Belize Google Satellite Map

        Google has integrated satellite mapping from the acquired KeyHole into their mapping systems The upper right hand of the map screen allows you to toggle between satellite pictures and road maps. It seems areas outside of the USA do not

      • Bluebird Powder Day

        Brighton, Hardcoin, face shot by Dan

        Millicent Cliffs Dan

        Great Western

      • GAD II

        Snowbird off Gad II. Snowing! My best run was my last @4pm. I will be at Brighton, bright and early.
        Taken with flash to light up the close flakes.

        Olympus cove

        Wasatch front north of Big Cottonwood canyon
        Stitched with PhotoStitch. The panaramic is from 7 p

      • Sourceforge Open Source
        From their site: " is the world's largest Open Source software development website, with the largest repository of Open Source code and applications available on the Internet. provides free services to Open Source developers. "
        This community is and

      • Silver Fork Tour

        Silverfork cirque
        Panoramic with PhotoStitch

        From top of Honeycomb Canyon with Magali
        Panoramic with Panoramic Factory

      • International Travel Clinic
        Hats off to the Salt Lake Valley Health Department's International Travel Clinic! Our R.N. Holly poked us with 3 shots (Hepatitis A/B, Tetanus, polio) and 1 oral (Typhoid, 4 pill take home). Holly also prescribed the following drugs: 2 Malaria(Aralen Choloroquine Phosphate, Doxycycline), Zi

    • March
      • Wasatch 200 inch+

        Snowbird epic day!

      • Deep snow welcome home

        Powder horn laps, Mike powing out of the trees.

        Mike, Wheelie time

        Pictures didn't catch this excellent drop that Mike gets....huge!

        I'm back in Utah! And it is dumping. Little Cottonwood Canyon did not even open today due to Avala

      • Perl Stripping
        Over the holiday Dad and I hacked a perl script that parses HTML pages from The goal was to get the episode numbers & names for Molto Mario recipes. Our first step was to save the index page of Mario recipes from . We then used the Unix command wget to search

      • Easter Pie

        Easter Pie 2005...always the Saturday before Easter. Ethan keeping an eye on the food.

        Mom, Allison and Christine stretching the dough.

        Layer 1 sausage.

        Layer 2 ham. Jordan neatly covering the pie.

        Layer 3 mozzarella

        Layer 4 rico

      • Brighton 156 inch

        Dan Great Western Face

        Mike surfing it'up

        The rare Brighton Cobalt Finch

        Mike is so rad


        They posted some pictures and results for 2005 PowderKeg:
        Picture of Magali and I starting up the cattrack at the start of the r

      • Bangkok Booked
        Booked Bangkok tonight! Bangkok will just be a launch point to and from Bhutan and India. I am stoked that my friend Tori will be able to join me for trekking in Bhutan! I have selected Sakten as the tour company to arrange our trek. All visitors must have a guide while in Bhutan. I hope to h

      • SLC Dinning

        From Summit chair Solitude ski resort Big Cottonwood Canyon, SLC UT
        24 in. in the last 48 hours, 155 in. base, 1-2 ft predicted tomorrow evening, ya' have to love spring in UT! Dropped Mom and Dad off at the airport and made some afternoon turns.
        Excellent visit! The Cocco t

      • Wasatch Powderkeg

        Black Diamond Wasatch Powderkeg

        WorldCup Ski Mountaineering racers starting off 7am.
        Pictures and car shuttle to Alta and back from Brighton by Alex. Thank you!!

        Kevin 2nd from left heading out of Alta. I was happy to finish under 2 hours with a time of in 1 ho

      • Daniels Summit

        Mom & Dad Daniels Summit snowmobile trail. 16 miles south of Heber on highway 40. Excellent operation!

      • Pipeline

        Piple line trail Mill Creek Canyon. My first day on the Mtn. Bike this season.

        I have registered for the Wasatch Powderkeg Ski Mountaineering race this Sat. 5 miles and 3,500 ft. of climbing.

      • Park City - World Superpipe Campionships

        Stephan Thomas

        Stephan Thomas

        JP Solberg

        Jon Olsson

        Jon Olsson 1st place brings home the $19k purse.

      • Superior

        Panoramic from top Superior Peak 11,231ft, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.

        Superior from top of Baldy two days ago. The red line is the path Dan & I skied today.

        Ridgeline just below the black knob. Dan and I started our skiing, hiking, scramble up at 8a

      • Couloir Poubelle

        Happy to see Snowbird opening all of Baldy. Hiked and skiied the Couloir Poubelle 3 times today.

        Here are the maps that where at the gate entrance to to upper Baldy hike:

        Baldy Snowbird side

        Baldy Alta side

        Superior from top of Baldy. This is

      • Soldier Hollow

        Timpanogos Mtn. road side picture near Soldier Hollow.

        Soldier Hollow site of 2002 Winter Olympic Nordic events.

        Started the morning running friend Alex to hospital for knee surgery 7:30am Heber. While heading to Sundance area to hike I took the sign to Soldier

      • Panoramic from Coal Pit

        Another panoramic from top of Coal Pit headwall yesterday.

        Booked for Chicago March 24th to 29th.... Easter Pie!

      • Coal Pit 5K Vert!

        The original of this is panoramic is 26980x1910 pixels large. If you click this you can see a version 5000x353.

        Magali with headlamp seconding Mikes log stream crossing at the bottom of Hogum Fork, 6am this morning.

        Mike at the top of our climb up the Hypodermic N

      • Striped Beauty

        Spring is coming. I looked up the name of the Crocus flower that pops up right before spring every year.
        I toured up White Pine, Red Pine, Maybird and back down Red Pine gulch. I was investigating one of the approached for the Coal Pit headwall. Conditions are getting good for b

      • Beyond The Sky and the Earth
        Finished reading "Beyond The Sky and the Earth a Journey Into Bhutan" by Jamie Zeppa. Excellent book to get me acquainted with Bhutan. The author tells her story of living and teaching in Bhutan. Learned about Bhutan culture, food, history, Buddhism. Sounds like an amazing country. C

    • February
      • Clayton Peak

        2/27 Sunday with Mike & Dan, Clayton Peak, Brighton. Single ride pass to the top of Great Western Chair. Breaking out the old school boot packing with 5 laps!
        The panoramic above was created with Panoramic Factory. My last panaramic(Snowbasin) had better results using PhotoStitc

      • Keller turns 1 yr. old Feb 26th

        Keller enjoying his birthday cake.

      • Snowbasin
        Pictures from 2/26....

        Fred, Suzane, Magali top of hike Snowbasin

        Suzane cutting up the chute

        Fred launching into his jump turn

      • Home in Utah
        I have landed back in Utah. Yesterday was my 50th day of snowboarding this season..foot of fresh Utah pow! Today is a much needed rest day. I have a back log of images to publish. Look for some pics later this week...

        Panaramic from the top of Jackson Hole tram

      • Hitting the road!
        HItting the road tomorrow morning!
        Summit County Colorado 2nd - 11th
        Jackson Hole Wyoming 12th - 19th

        I did a quick check on snow. I also added the first few links I found for CO and WY. Looks like a CO received a little fresh over the last two days!
        Snow Totals today:
    • January
      • Cardiac Ridge

        Two laps on Cardiac Ridge! I have media overload...183 shots / 500mb. Should be some nice panaromic stitches coming tomorrow night.

        Okay...just one panaramic tonight....

      • Parallelojams
        Just returned from the debut of a climbing movie Paralleojams . The climbing takes place in Indian Creek Utah. I have not been YET...this is on the todo list for spring. Amazing crack climbing. Timmy O'Neill was in the movie and also at this opening....what a character. The movie was at m

      • Picasa - by Google
        Google has put out a new image/photo editing package. Dan, turned me on to program and said I should check is what I found out: The software is FREE and quite slick. Picasa will inventory all photos by year and directory name. Hard drive cranked in the background for over an hour as

      • 2005_1_7_olympus_sequence_mosaic

        Mt. Olympus taken from my patio 2005_1_7. Testing the interval photography with canon s70. The image contact sheet was generated with Mosaic Creator.

        Here is my favorite of the 110 pics.

      • PHP Blog installed
        Okay, here we go. I have just installed SPHPBLOG a BLOG system on my ISP server. The program is a PHP project.
        Goal will be to post my journey thought 2005 with an emphisis on photo/image journal.

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