Flores Guatemala 

Flores City is a small island (kind of, has casway). You can walk around the entire island within a half hour.

Angela and Jacqueline a couple of fun traveling buddies I met.

Sun going down over the fresh water lake.
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Zipline Tikal Guatemala 

I meet Tristan on the temple sunrise he joined me for zip lineing that afternoon. This is him getting a crash course on jumping out of a tree.... and thankfully translating for me...

Me zipping through the jungle on one of our 7 lines.

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Tikal Guatemala 

Sunset from Mundo Perdido temple

I like this sunset pic better than panoramic....

Moon over Jaguar Temple

Monkeys traveling in the jungle canopy

Central Plaza

Racumala (aka Guatacoon)

Sunrise from Temple IV

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Belize Actun Tunichil Miknal Cave 
Back in the states for 2 days....will try to edit and post pics from the 600+ taken...

After 45 min jungle hike, 750 meters of swiming, climbing, ladder.... we see the skeleton of sacraficed 21yr old Maya women.

Cave is home to many bats.

All groups must where socks to preserve the activly forming cave formations that you walk on.

These pots contained offerings to the gods. They were broken and arranged by Maya priest. The pots sit as they were place aprox 900AD.

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Belize jungle, Guatemala 
Posting from San Pedro, Belize. Too many adventures to properly post since my last update. My jungle portion of my trip was amazing I meet some great people while traveling to Western Belize San Ignasio and then across the border to Guatemala. Some highlights...ATM cave Maya pottery and skeletons, Tikal Maya sunrise and sunsets on top of ruins, zip line in the jungle, swimming in Flores Guatemala.....
Today was first day of scuba diving saw a 9 foot nurse shark, huge eel, 50 ft. cave... Blue hole and full moon night dive are planned the next few days. Pictures to come..
I'm on the clock 5 USD per 30min at Caribbean Connection Internet Cafe and I am short dollars as ATMs and VISA are having issues due to Telecom Union strike in Belize.
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