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KCOCCO ~ photo
Google Map API Hacking 
Here is the beginnings of a Google Maps mash-up. The data points of Brighton and Alta ski reports are read from an external XML file.
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Taken with my new Canon PowerShot SD1000 ... replacement for the camera that jumped out of pocket and into the back country of Powder Mountain? I will also be picking up the XTi SLR shortly.
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Kiva Micro Loans 

Here is my Kiva lender profile. It will be interesting to see how these projects work out over time. The lenders in Kiva's program do not make profit from their loans. I would hope to be payed back and then roll the money into other peer-to-peer micro loans...
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Google Apps the Microsoft Killer? 
What business technology does a company generally need? Word Processor? Spread Sheet? E-Mail? Group Calendar? Chat? To-do list? Mobile access? 24/7 phone support? Custom web domain name? 10 gig of storage per user?

Google Apps now supports all this for $50 per year(excellent deal when you compare the MS Office + MS Exchange SW,CAL,HW ...)! There is also a free version where you can add up to 200 users with e-mail accounts and shared calendars,...!

Google Apps has Microsoft importing: Word, Excel, MS Outlook calendar, 'E-mail Migration "coming coon"'. Google is pitching this service to small companies and the "Fortune 500". Microsoft should be worried, Apple should be happy. How soon before we only need a sexy Mac with a browser?

I just registered kevincocco.com through the Google/GoDaddy partnership.
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Trust Logos & Skype 

www.Skype.com impressed me with their home page web design. Notice the "No Spyware Adware Malware" button with crown/halo? This Formated text/logo/bug feels like the site is part of some association (BBB, SHTTP, Top10,...)

No certification or association but very creative link to their policy page. "Take a deep breath", use pranayama to feel the security of this brand.

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