Ted.com Visualization & Interaction talks 
Getting inspired this morning with a few Ted talks I hadn't seen yet:
John Underkoffler point to the future of UI
- Tech behind Minority Report

JoAnn Kuchera-Morin Demo: Stunning data visualization in the AlloSphere

Gary Flake: is Pivot a turning point for web exploration? Mar 2010
- Zoom.it with API, REST, JSON, JS,... check out example: http://http://zoom.it/q5GT or embedded below..
- Nothing terribly new with zooming here are some of my older projects 2005, 2006 and even earlier projects exporting Visio vector network diagrams and writing basic Flash UI... new, Zoom.it not Flash dependent...

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Planning Big Data - O'Reily 
If you want an good overview to sort out the Big Data ecosystem I recommend the free e-book: http://radar.oreilly.com/2012/03/planning-big-data.html

Here are some of the areas I am focused on:
page 7: "We're moving beyond an information economy. Information on its own isn't an advantage, anyway. Instead, this is the era of the feedback economy" feedback loop!

page 43: Regarding Google Predication API and their general offerings
" ecosystem development to make their tools more approachable"

page 70: "The agile nature of data science will favor any tool that
permits more interactivity"

page 72: "I've repeatedly heard from data scientists about what they
want most: people who know how to create visualisations"

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2 ft. of snow in 24 hours, 4 ft. storm cycle, about as good as Utah riding gets! Power face shots!
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Follow "The World's 7 Most Powerful Data Scientists" 
Forbes, by: Tim O'Reilly : The World's 7 Most Powerful Data Scientists

Here are all the Twitter or Google Plus feeds I could find:

1 - Larry Page (Google) - https://plus.google.com/106189723444098348646/posts

2 - Jeff Hammerbachner (Cloudera) - https://twitter.com/#!/hackingdata
- DJ Patil (Grey Ventures)- https://twitter.com/#!/dpatil

3 - Sebastian Thrun (Standford) - https://twitter.com/#!/sebastianthrun
- Peter Norvig (Google) - http://norvig.com/ - https://plus.google.com/108640673873589796416/posts

4 - Elizabeth Warren (Senate Mass) - https://twitter.com/#!/elizabethforma

5 - Todd Park (CTO Gov)- https://twitter.com/#!/todd_park

6 - Alex "Sandy" Pentland (MIT) - http://web.media.mit.edu/~sandy/

7 - Hod Lipson (Cornell) - http://web.mae.cornell.edu/lipson/
- Michael Schmidt (Cornell) - https://sites.google.com/a/cornell.edu/schmidt/
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infographic created with visual.ly

I want a Visual.ly API...PLEASE!

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