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Below are the major search engines and there FREE web site registration tools. Both Google and Yahoo have a web master tools that allow you to see your index stats. I just enable a new feature of Google Webmaster Tools that will auto index the pictures on this site. I was happy to find out that Simple PHP Blog aka SPHPBLOG has a Google site map generator built into the system. The page sitemap.php in the root directory kicks out XML output that Google is looking for. Here is the XML output for this site:
Note, that MS and Yahoo have recently join Google in using a standard XML sitemap .. here is the newly created standards site:



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Microsoft adCenter 
Started an ad campaign on Microsoft adCenter this morning. Aaron Wall from posted a link to an excellent promo:code DM-2-1106 for $200 worth of ad spend for opening a new account. You are required to spend $5 bucks to get the account setup and then it's free marketing money!
I found the setup straight forward and similar to Google's and more intuitive than a Yahoo SEM startup. With Google the ads start to run within the hour we will see how long the MS adCenter 'editorial review' process takes? I did run across one very interesting targeting features that Microsoft offers over Google. The following screen shot is the gender and age incremental targeting options:

The Microsoft adCenter keyword tool did not integrate as well with keyword list building as Google's AdWords. The interface to paste in keywords would only take 200 keywords?...there was another import feature yet to be researched. Below is a nice feature of the keyword generator that shows search volume by gender/age. There are also options to view search traffic volume by Wealth Index & Lifestyle! The wealth index showed approx. 25% unknown and Lifestyle had about 85% unknown data. There are no features to target market to these demographics ..yet?...

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SEO Free Tools 
I added a few SEO tools that I use to my links section. You should see more and more SEM (Search Engine Marketing) & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) related info posted on this site as I dive deeper into the wild west of on-line marketing!

Very slick tool to track the top 10 search results for a keyword and target site!

Keyword generator and research tools:

Nice line-up of SEO tools; spider simulation, keyword misspelling, keyword density,....:

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Google Buys YouTube 
Wow, 1.65 billion in stock and Google now owns YouTube serves over 100 million movies per day.
Here are a few details regarding the deal from Wired Magazine: ... rts_y.html

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Google AdSense 
I added some Google AdSense ads to the site tonight. Webmasters guidelines has the cap on links per page to a fewer than 100 "a resonable number. Here are the full guide lines: There is also the huge list for the lawyers

I have also enabled blog comments for now. We will see if I can escape the Sploggers. Check out Wired magazine print edition for the article Spam + Blogs = Trouble. There are more Slogs then legitamate blogs and the problem is only growing. The on-line version of Wired said it will be released Sept 5th This on-line release is about 1 week after my mail version of Wired arrived via mail. Some of the latest print articles are on-line like the The Infinite Album article, a interview with Beck.
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