Fish Heads 

Grouper Belize. Photo Photoshop Elements and Wacom pen tablet.

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Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet 

Santa was good to me and dropped off a computer pen tablet. Amazing technology! Have only started playing with it. Above is a quick little test project.... I have done this type of work with Photoshop and mouse but, the pen makes much easier. Have plans to work with some photos when I return to SLC.
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Sikkim Flash Back 

Simon and I enjoying a home made millet beer during our treking celebration.
Recieved an e-mail w/ pictures today from Sikkim, India treking friend Luisa. Brings out some amazing memories...
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Magali next to Brighton Ski reorts Snake Creek lift.
Cold and windy but, there were still many pow shots available.
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Day one Solitude 

Snowing! Lake effect cycle that picks up moisture from the great salt lake and drops snow in the mtns as the clouds cool.

Ducks swimming in the pond next to my patio today.

Self Portrait of me returning home from snowboarding today....for Mom.
Solitude ski resort today 52 inch base with 10 new reporting this morning. Had two people in from of us in lift line once. Snowed all day hard...and still socked in for tomorrows riding. Did not have memory card in camera today...I will tomorrow.

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