Wilderness First Responder 
This Saturday I finished my Wilderness First Responder certification at the University of Utah's Medical center through Wilderness Medicine of Utah. Great instructors! Fun group of Ski Guides, Climbing Guides, Wilderness Guides,..., Snowmobile, Horse and one Computer Scientist (me). If the class wasn't being taught by a med student there was always one or more in the class to dive deeper into the how and why. I may travel to Kenya to assist in the training the Mt. Kenya climbing guides next year? Sounds amazing....
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Steort's Ridge 

The ultra classic easy three pitch big cottonwood canyon climb Steort's Ridge. Alex topping out on the third pitch arete...
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Sundial Peak - Lake Blanche 

Big Cottonwood Canyon, Lake Blanche

Solar Sun dried tomatoes, last weekend

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City of Rocks Idaho 

Quick weekend at City of Rocks Idaho


Magali and Alex

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Groove Squeeze'n atop Lone Peak 

Alex Lemieux of GearLoopTopo.com documenting climbs and taking pictures of me on climbing route Open Book. The climb tops out on the crown of the granite-like/quartz monzonite cirque the Lone Peak 11,253'. After hiking the Alpine and Jacobs Ladder approaches, I recommend Jacobs. But, 5 1/2 miles of hiking with 5,650 elevation gain is no easy way up... my body is worked!

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