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Google has put out a new image/photo editing package. Dan, turned me on to program and said I should check out....here is what I found out: The software is FREE and quite slick. Picasa will inventory all photos by year and directory name. Hard drive cranked in the background for over an hour as it auto indexed the gazillion images on my PC. I enjoyed playing around with the photo editing features. Hats off to Picasa devolpers for putting intuitive controls on Photoshop type adjustments.
Picasa - Google link

Here is a test of the Picasa ' Export as WEB Page' feature. This is Alex getting some nice face shots at Brighton. The export process is very basic, easy and fast.
http://www.kcocco.com/2005_1_10_brighto ... index.html

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Mt. Olympus taken from my patio 2005_1_7. Testing the interval photography with canon s70. The image contact sheet was generated with Mosaic Creator.

Here is my favorite of the 110 pics.
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PHP Blog installed 
Okay, here we go. I have just installed SPHPBLOG a BLOG system on my ISP server. The program is a PHP sourceforge.net project.
Goal will be to post my journey thought 2005 with an emphisis on photo/image journal.
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