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KCOCCO ~ photo - Pika Say What
Pika Say What 

Find the pika and tents in the picture below

Haystack mtn looking at Deep Lake....from the base of the rock climb..
Photo by Magali Lequient
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Coppermine Open Source Image Gallery 
Had some fun at the keyboard this morning. Installed Coppermine (coppermine.sourceforge.net ) system on server at home. Prototype research tor image management solution. The system runs on Apache, PHP, MySQL, ImageMagick. Give it a test, pls register if you like and add photo(s)....
The following is a link that forwards to my home server: http://wasatch.servebeer.com/cpg133/index.php
Thank you to my early alpha testers!
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Wind River Range Wyoming II 

Upper Black Joe Lake from top of Haystack stack mtn., Alex & Magali ejoying the exposure

Panoramic of Haystack Mountain and Deep Lake

The following are more in the reflection series...

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Wind River Range Wyoming 

Granite slabs rolling into moon lit Deep Lake, Wind River Range Wyoming
Just arrived from 4 days of Hiking, Camping, Fishing and Climbing.
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North West Panoramics 

Texada Island, British Columbia

Desolation Sound, British Columbia

Desolation Sound

Redwood Forest National Park
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