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KCOCCO ~ photo - Tech Research Links PC Mag Aprill11th
Tech Research Links PC Mag Aprill11th 
Just returned from Chicago and here are some of the research links I noted during flight....
opengroupware.org - Exchage Alternative, opensource
nasbackup - Linux NAS backup sourceforge
Fasterfox - Precache pages
Googlepreview - Thumbnales with google results
Sharpreader - opensource rss reader
Audacity - Multi-track audio mixing, opensource
Fluid Mask - www.vertustech.com - image masking, better then Photoshop extract?
tcpview - sysinternals.com - Shows all IP and UDP traffic...testing now, wow very cool. You can kill processes through the tcpview gui interface. See all the acitve connections and color status when traffic flows or connections open/close...

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Dan in the keyhole @ Snowbird. Little Cottonwood Canyon road below..

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Pfeifferhorn 2-13-06 video 
Alex & Mag, Here is video clip from our Pfeifferhorn day.
2006_2_13 pfeifferhorn video

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Spring is coming... taking a day off riding to allow my arm one more day of healing. Snowbird has 140 inch base and flowers coming up in the valley...have to love Utah.
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