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KCOCCO ~ photo - Enron jury: Skilling, Lay guilty
Enron jury: Skilling, Lay guilty 
Enron jury: Skilling, Lay guilty

Since watching the movie Enron - The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005) I have been tracking this case. I had pledged to move a sizable percentage of funds out of the stock market if Skilling and Lay were not thrown in the clink. Highly recommend this documentary as the business ethics and accounting case study of the 21st century. The footage in the movie is wildly disturbing. Phone conversations of Enron traders calling to California power plans to turn off production during the California black outs. Accounting loop hole nightmare. Major banks funding the show.... Diffusion Responsibility

'Monkey + Gun = Funny' ~CG
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Baldy Chute Day II, Alta 

From Peak of Mt. Baldy

Mike, Baldy Chute, Alta

Inside chute panoramic
the Birthday Boy

Chicks taken from patio
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Baldy Chute, Alta 

Alex dropping into the ultra classic Baldy Cute, Alta, Utah

This rodent was droped 10 feet from us by a bird?
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NOL Jazz Fest Art 

Stuart McClean

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Snow Cats w Zoomifyer 
Created a Zoomifyer of the snowcat pics from Alta, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.

-------======= Click to ZOOMIFY ======---------
http://www.kcocco.com/images/2006_5_14_ ... oomify.htm
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