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KCOCCO ~ photo - xRez panoramics with Google Maps zoom
xRez panoramics with Google Maps zoom 

Yosemite image with zoom from xRez.com

Here are a couple of related projects I have worked on:
http://www.kcocco.com/index.php?entry=e ... 231-190539
http://www.kcocco.com/images/2006_5_14_ ... oomify.htm

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Google Check Out 

Google adding promotion to their base search site, is this the first time?... should PayPal/EBay be watching out? Signed up and purchased a $10.29 CD with my $10 credit.
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Mural across from Florant resturant, Ahi Tuna w/pastina! pasta side 2 thumbs up.

Can you find DiscoverCard?

Congratulations to my friend that was on the Eragon development team. Times square!

More to come on my visit to Inman Connect.

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Google Conversion University - Tracking and Testing 
3 short but sweet articles in the Tracking and Testing section of Google's Conversion University site:
Offline Campaigns
E-Mail Campaigns
Testing Keyword Landing Pages
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