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KCOCCO ~ photo - Solar Oven Ordered
Solar Oven Ordered 

ehealthsupplies.com will ship the oven for $198 with the coupon code: newcust5
It took me about 5 seconds to find this $10+ coupon. TIP: When you see a coupon entry field when checking out just run a quick Google search. You will find this surprisingly effecting.

Here is the link to the corp. site
Solar Ovens International. The company also has large scale ovens for cooking for large groups 100+ people. These ovens are also used for water purification. Carbon foot print reduction!
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Oprah & Jack Canfield talk The Secret - Law of Attraction 
Jack Canfield appeared on Oprah today. Here is the press release we placed yesterday.. first 3 search results for both Google News & Yahoo News!

Jack Canfield Coaching press release for Jack Canfield promoting his appearance on the Oprah show today. The show was a discussion of the movie The Secret that describes the Law of Attraction. Jack Canfield was one of the highlighted 'Teachers' of the Law of Attraction.

Law Of Attraction Review Site A new site I released early this week. The site has a link to the movie "The Secret"
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YouTube 1,472,627 hits 1 week 

I met the co-publisher of these YouTube videos today in an unrelated business meeting. He did not expect the growth. What is 1.47 mill visits worth? Say $0.01 per view $147k - 0(zero production cost) = Profit! Interesting to see the comments section and subscriptions cross promoting and ranting.
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Great White Icicle 

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xRez panoramics with Google Maps zoom 

Yosemite image with zoom from xRez.com

Here are a couple of related projects I have worked on:
http://www.kcocco.com/index.php?entry=e ... 231-190539
http://www.kcocco.com/images/2006_5_14_ ... oomify.htm

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