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KCOCCO ~ photo - Romanesco

Fractal Food
Thomas Freidman speech ... Energy Technology!

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As Luck Would Have It ... videos 
Wild set of short video clips of people narrowly avoiding disasters.
http://laughlines.blogs.nytimes.com/200 ... d-have-it/

Baked some bread today for my records: http://myallrecipes.wordpress.com/2008/ ... ite-bread/

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California Valley Quail 

California Valley Quail in the back yard. New Adobe Light Room 2.1.. on the Mac
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Cranking Amazon EC2 Compute Units with Amnimoto 

Here is a quick test of Amnimoto! Slick interface.
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Jeff Bezos on Amazon cloud services and cocaine quote 
Jeff Bezos at Startup School 2008
He high lights the picture, music video collaborator Animoto running on Amazon

Check out the slick feature of Omnisio(aquired by Google) that allows exact seek point linking: Jeff talks about the ZDnet quote: "Amazon will be like a book store that sells cocaine out the back door."

Note, the URL that so simply passes the seek time...smart buy Google.
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