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KCOCCO ~ photo - Sabbatical 2011
Sabbatical 2011 

Solitude Ski resort today after last day @ PEI, great people and company!

IPhone Pano app picture of Wolverine Cirque

Day 7 of ?

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Volie Mojo RX66 Splitboard 

My new stick! Voile Mojo RX66 Splitboard from the season starting Black Diamond Avalanche Center Fund Raiser/party silent auction.

Check out the quick release orange rip cord on the light rail bindings and yes double height climbing bars.

old Volie

older Voile DIY conversion

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The Beauty of Data Visualization 
New round of TED talks from July 2010, enjoyed McCandless: The Beauty of Data Visualization he mentions Han Rasling (a TED favorite) as an inspiration. Different war, ink & pen, Minard's classic graphic from 1861.

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Tour of Utah Stage 5 Live Remote Stream 
Will be streaming live today....stay tuned
http://www.tourofutah.com/index.php?p_r ... 10stages_5

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Watched the Soyuz launch live tonight... I can watch the astronaut live on LiveStream.com but Moscow having issues communicating with the crew....

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