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KCOCCO ~ photo - Winterstick!

Video of Alex Lemieux shreding the 3 ft. of fresh and sunny sky. Wow amazing day!

Back deck

Alex testing Black Diamond's 2012 Megawatt Ski, HOT
Today was the first time I took the Winterstick off the wall, mounted and rode. I purchased this old school board from Salty Peaks in 2006.

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Inverted and Flat 

Getting back on the split today, breaking trail in the new snow, more coming possible 40" storm!
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Powder Mtn Powder 

Jone, Sheri, Holly



Powder Mtn. living up to it's name. March 3+4, 2nd annual pow mow trip, hit the northern storm on the money.
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Days Fork Video by Kolin 
Thanks Kolin for posting video pictures on your site!

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Bonkers day 50 

Magali product testing Black Diamond prototype Avalung

2 laps for a total 6100 vert., 12k over the last two days = rest tomorrow.
Today's classic tour happens to mark 50th day of riding this season.
12 days until the Wasatch Powder Keg!!
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