Belize Dive Marine Life 
Okay running out of time, I leave for Thailand, Bhutan, India tomorrow are some of my quick pics from the hundreds of underwater shots from Belize...

Nurse Shark

Blue Striped Grunt


Tasty Lobster



Queen Angelfish & Blue Chromis

Scrawled Cowfish

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Belize Night Dive 

A moray eel searching for dinner at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

Any light source even my wimpy little rented light attracted swarms of little critters the guide called bugs.

Doug, Pete, Kurt and I saw endless rays covering the sandy areas of the dive.

Black Grouper hanging out...can you find the little shrimp also?

We saw the crustations out and about, here is a crab feeding

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Belize Blue Hole 

Doug and Julie swimming around the stalagmites of the deep Blue Hole cave.

Our max depth was 135ft. Here is a zoom of Doug's gauge...130ft...

Doug kick'in it in the deep hoping for a little nitrogen narcosis.

Horse-eye jacks hanging out in the deep

We saw two 9 ft. reef sharks swim below.

Big fat grouper fish following us like dogs.

The sandy slope entering the 480 ft. blue hole. That is not grass on the slope, they are tiny eels poking out of the sand.

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Flores Guatemala 

Flores City is a small island (kind of, has casway). You can walk around the entire island within a half hour.

Angela and Jacqueline a couple of fun traveling buddies I met.

Sun going down over the fresh water lake.
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Zipline Tikal Guatemala 

I meet Tristan on the temple sunrise he joined me for zip lineing that afternoon. This is him getting a crash course on jumping out of a tree.... and thankfully translating for me...

Me zipping through the jungle on one of our 7 lines.

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