Bhutan Buddhist Paintings 
The following are a collection of some of the shots of Buddhist art work I took while visiting Dzongs, Temples, Monasteries within Bhutan. I could only take a small fraction of what we saw as photos are not allowed within the temples. These are all pictures from outside walls and entrances......

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Bhutan Pictures part III 

Traditional dress Laya, Bhutan

Gasa Hotsprings pool

Dinner with monk. He has spent the majority of the last 15 years in hight mountain meditation very interesting fellow.

When we arrived in Bhutan farmers were harvesting wheat and when we left they were flooding the fields and planting rice.

Two young monks at the Divine Mad Man Temple

This is the busiest intersection in Bhutan. The city of Thimpu(Bhutan's capital) did put in the countries first street light here but it was quickly removed after much protest. Note the dog resting in the street...very common to have a few dogs sleeping in the intersection.

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Bhutan Pictures part II 

Our first yak butter tea in Laya

Laya Village

Temple in Laya

Our excellent guide and friend Passong. Enjoying a well earned mango juice at secret lake above Laya.


Phuntsko our cook and Tencho horse man. Phuntsko is cutting bitter gord.

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Bhutan Pictures part I 
The following are a few quick selections from Bhutan....I will break these down and include more later.

360 Panoramic above the mountain village Laya just south of the Tibet border. Secret lake can be seen on the left.

Jhomolhari Mountain

Tigers Nest Monastery

A few of our horses crossing a pass.

Herd of 70+ blue sheep

Tory enjoying some morning tea

The Awcto or Cordyceps worm like fungus that is harvested in the high Himalayan mtns.

Laya boy washing cloths

Walking the mini cow.

Passed a school getting out of class. The kids loved to see their picture on the digital camera.
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Kangchendzonga Mountain Sikkim, India 

The rocky sharks tooth shaped peak is Kangchendzonga the worlds 3rd largest peak (28,169 ft).
Picture was taken from Goecha La trail (16,100 ft), Sikkim, India.
Well I am back in the states after 30 hours of traveling yesterday... more pictures to come as I edit through 1100 pics!
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