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KCOCCO ~ photo
Bhutan Flower Photo Mosaic 

Buddha of power created with Bhutan flower mosaic.
One of the rough drafts of a photo mosaic project using Tory's detailed collection of Bhutan flowers. The mosaic was created with application Mosaic Creator (http://www.aolej.com/ ). Olej put out a new version in July. This makes the 6th version I have download since paying for the lifetime professional version in 2001. Very slick applicaition....

Zoom of eye...
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Bhutan photos by Tory 

Laya, Bhutan Spring Festival
Tory gave me his photos from the Bhutan trip to me. I has been fun to rewind through the amazing memories. Here is one of my favorites from Tory's excellent collection!
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Pika Say What 

Find the pika and tents in the picture below

Haystack mtn looking at Deep Lake....from the base of the rock climb..
Photo by Magali Lequient
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Wind River Range Wyoming II 

Upper Black Joe Lake from top of Haystack stack mtn., Alex & Magali ejoying the exposure

Panoramic of Haystack Mountain and Deep Lake

The following are more in the reflection series...

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Wind River Range Wyoming 

Granite slabs rolling into moon lit Deep Lake, Wind River Range Wyoming
Just arrived from 4 days of Hiking, Camping, Fishing and Climbing.
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