Google Buys YouTube 
Wow, 1.65 billion in stock and Google now owns YouTube serves over 100 million movies per day.
Here are a few details regarding the deal from Wired Magazine: ... rts_y.html

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Moose Brighton 

Moose under Brighton Ski resort lift full image
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Uinta Mtns, Utah

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Google AdSense 
I added some Google AdSense ads to the site tonight. Webmasters guidelines has the cap on links per page to a fewer than 100 "a resonable number. Here are the full guide lines: There is also the huge list for the lawyers

I have also enabled blog comments for now. We will see if I can escape the Sploggers. Check out Wired magazine print edition for the article Spam + Blogs = Trouble. There are more Slogs then legitamate blogs and the problem is only growing. The on-line version of Wired said it will be released Sept 5th This on-line release is about 1 week after my mail version of Wired arrived via mail. Some of the latest print articles are on-line like the The Infinite Album article, a interview with Beck.
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Dapper - 
Dapp a new tool service that allows you to gather data from web sites and create feeds and services.

Dapper Demo
Quick test to extract the number of properties listed on
The HTML output ... ruliaCount
XML output ...
How to use this ... ruliaCount
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