City of Rocks 

Rock Climbing in City of Rocks, Idaho. The building blocks formation. Nice heal hook Alex!

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Google Buys YouTube 
Wow, 1.65 billion in stock and Google now owns YouTube serves over 100 million movies per day.
Here are a few details regarding the deal from Wired Magazine: ... rts_y.html

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Moose Brighton 

Moose under Brighton Ski resort lift full image
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Uinta Mtns, Utah

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Google AdSense 
I added some Google AdSense ads to the site tonight. Webmasters guidelines has the cap on links per page to a fewer than 100 "a resonable number. Here are the full guide lines: There is also the huge list for the lawyers

I have also enabled blog comments for now. We will see if I can escape the Sploggers. Check out Wired magazine print edition for the article Spam + Blogs = Trouble. There are more Slogs then legitamate blogs and the problem is only growing. The on-line version of Wired said it will be released Sept 5th This on-line release is about 1 week after my mail version of Wired arrived via mail. Some of the latest print articles are on-line like the The Infinite Album article, a interview with Beck.
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