BBC Wrong on US Currency? 
Strong title from BBC... but, has the "Global financial crisis has been hitting US hard - striking at its financial systems, currency,.."?

Compared to what currency? Check out this same day article from Forbes regarding "Dollar surges vs euro"?

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Presidental Prediction by Intrade Markets 
Market driven presidential predictions. The following are live graphs. Should we trust a market to predict the passing of the bail out plan?

Price for 2008 Presidential Election Winner (Individual) at

Price for 2008 Presidential Election Winner (Individual) at

Here some info how the bidding works...

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The Seemingly Impossible is Possible  
Check out this TED 2007 presentation by Hans Rosling "The seemingly impossible is possible". Have to see his grand finale!

Amazing visualization of world data by Gapminder World a Google company as of March 2006. Here are few of more interesting motion charts I found interesting. My Dad (Statistical Guru) warns Correlation does not imply causation.

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Google profits finding USA Today pay articles 
Searching for an article I was interviewed for in USA Today Jan 2005...Searching on USAToday shows the article for sale $3.95 and showed a abstract only. But if you search for Kevin Cocco on Google they show the full article on VoIP indexed and available. Making money with AdWords. Google is also indexing old news papers from micro film. Interesting to see NYTimes win-win angle on this effort.
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Open Social - Don't build a new community integrate with them 
Rather then trying to build a new MySpace, Facebook, Google Orkut, LinkedIn, Plaxo,.... the smarter play is to integrate with these communities and leverage their existing mega user bases and their interconnections. I finally found some time to review several of the Open Social Presentations from the Google IO conference in CA this June.

I recommend:
the presentation by Joseph Smarr 'OpenSocial, OpenID, and OAuth: Oh, My!'. Great over view of all the pieces and how they fit together. The presenter recommending Google's Friend Connect as an easy entry point into open social. Joseph is from Plaxo now owned by Comcast? Weird marriage, good for Comcast maybe if they can control the Plaxo community reaction... check out the comments to their blog post..uhg

'Best Practices for Spreading Your App without Ruining the User Experience' Kevin Marks has some great ways to look at growth of networks. Highly promoting Organic growth verse Viral growth ...."If you behave like a disease, people develop an immune system". Viral growth spikes and user retention drops off just as quickly. Vivian Li talks about Usage Loops being more powerful than Invite Loops. Again bringing up that direct invite to a community tends to provide poor retention rates.

'Monetizing Application Traffic On Social Networks'
Excellent overview of the Social Media Applications and's ad capabilities. 'FriendRank' modeling to determine what friend data to integrate into a specific users ad...wild!

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