Google Apps for Your Domain 
Google Apps and deal
Google partners with the wildly popular domain name registration and servicing company. Very atractive deal with their Ad-supported Web site model and huge small business customer traffic. This is how GoDaddy describes their web hosting.... "FREE Hosting with domain name is Ad-supported Hosting. Ad-supported Web sites contain relevant online advertising on a small portion of the site, but DO NOT include obtrusive pop-up ads."
The big story is Google applicaitons rapidly coming together from multiple directions...the Google Bazaar
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Gizoogle !FUNNY! 

If you want a huge laugh type your favorite site into Gizoogled Gizoogled

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Trademarks & Keyword PPC 
Found a nice article regarding pay per click keyword trademark infringement: ... nt_fig.htm

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Jack Canfield and Kevin Cocco 

Is that a Elvis and a Yeti? Hard to tell with such a low quality phone picture of Jack Canfield and I after dinner tonight. What a great guy! Jack is the author of the New York Times multi best selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series. If you have not picked up his latest book Success Principals I recommend. Here are few of his sites: &
While I am downloading pictures off my are some other random pictures over time...

Desert sunset from the car between Moab and Salt Lake City

Potato chip like surface hoar snow crystals from southern Utah this weekend

Road side wild turkeys...
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Amazon Omakase Dynamic Ads 

I installed Amazon's new dynamic affiliate (aka Amazon Assocaiates Program) ad tool called Omakase. As you can see from the picture above Omakase recommended Josh Groban? I think Amazon needs to tune their engine as this is about the worst pick for me.
Just added a new affiliate link to If you are in the marketing business I highly recommend you buy!
Finished an upgrade to the latest version 0.4.9 of SPHPBLOG aka Simple PHP Archives side bar and now integrated visit counters...

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