Web Directory SEO Link Build Resource 
Found a nice resource for web directory inbound link building research. www.SEOCompany.ca maintains a list 311 directories (free & pay). They also sell packaged submitting services.
Aron Wall has an excellent link that talks about pros, cons and lists some of his recommended dirs... http://www.seobook.com/archives/001583.shtml
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99 Little Known Ways to Brand on the Cheap 
Nice collection of cheap ideas: http://www.avivadirectory.com

Here is an article that lists $600 in free marketing for starting accounts with the search engines... Free Advertising: Microsoft $200, Google $50, LookSmart $300, & Ask $50
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Google Apps for Your Domain 
Google Apps and GoDaddy.com deal
Google partners with the wildly popular GoDaddy.com domain name registration and servicing company. Very atractive deal with their Ad-supported Web site model and huge small business customer traffic. This is how GoDaddy describes their web hosting.... "FREE Hosting with domain name is Ad-supported Hosting. Ad-supported Web sites contain relevant online advertising on a small portion of the site, but DO NOT include obtrusive pop-up ads."
The big story is Google applicaitons rapidly coming together from multiple directions...the Google Bazaar
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Gizoogle !FUNNY! 

If you want a huge laugh type your favorite site into http://www.gizoogle.com
KCOCCO.com Gizoogled
CNN.com Gizoogled

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Trademarks & Keyword PPC 
Found a nice article regarding pay per click keyword trademark infringement: http://blog.ericgoldman.org/archives/20 ... nt_fig.htm

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