R + Twitter + Fusion-IO 
Great post with R code to query Twitter and visualize tweets and RTs. Here are the examples run for searchTerm='#fusionio OR #fusion-io OR $FIO OR @fusionio'

example 1 - tweets and retweets

example 2 - now colored

example 3 - who retweets alot

example 4 - who retweets who

Here is another great text mining example using R. More to come as I mine & model my FusionIO Datasift capture...

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Wallowa Hut Trip 
Just back from 4 day backcountry yurt trip in Wallowa Mtns NE Oregon. Great operation WallowaHut.com!

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Great time at startup weekend! I joined the CinchTool.com team, sharp group coded backend service, front end, marketing and e-commerce within 2 days! Company started and will continue to run, new round of features coming soon. Over 10k Cinch'd pages within the first week.

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Coding Avalanche 

Awesome ECT Results from trentmeisenheimer on Vimeo.

Scary backcountry conditions this year. Nice video Craig, love the slow'mo'audio!
Good weekend to write code. I am pitching PredicTag at Salt Lake City StartupWeekend
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IBM's Watson - Machine Learning 

Cool graphical video of how Watson answers Jeopardy questions. Here is also a TED talk about Watson's win.

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