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      • Wasatch 200 inch+

        Snowbird epic day!

      • Deep snow welcome home

        Powder horn laps, Mike powing out of the trees.

        Mike, Wheelie time

        Pictures didn't catch this excellent drop that Mike gets....huge!

        I'm back in Utah! And it is dumping. Little Cottonwood Canyon did not even open today due to Avala

      • Perl Stripping
        Over the holiday Dad and I hacked a perl script that parses HTML pages from The goal was to get the episode numbers & names for Molto Mario recipes. Our first step was to save the index page of Mario recipes from . We then used the Unix command wget to search

      • Easter Pie

        Easter Pie 2005...always the Saturday before Easter. Ethan keeping an eye on the food.

        Mom, Allison and Christine stretching the dough.

        Layer 1 sausage.

        Layer 2 ham. Jordan neatly covering the pie.

        Layer 3 mozzarella

        Layer 4 rico

      • Brighton 156 inch

        Dan Great Western Face

        Mike surfing it'up

        The rare Brighton Cobalt Finch

        Mike is so rad


        They posted some pictures and results for 2005 PowderKeg:
        Picture of Magali and I starting up the cattrack at the start of the r

      • Bangkok Booked
        Booked Bangkok tonight! Bangkok will just be a launch point to and from Bhutan and India. I am stoked that my friend Tori will be able to join me for trekking in Bhutan! I have selected Sakten as the tour company to arrange our trek. All visitors must have a guide while in Bhutan. I hope to h

      • SLC Dinning

        From Summit chair Solitude ski resort Big Cottonwood Canyon, SLC UT
        24 in. in the last 48 hours, 155 in. base, 1-2 ft predicted tomorrow evening, ya' have to love spring in UT! Dropped Mom and Dad off at the airport and made some afternoon turns.
        Excellent visit! The Cocco t

      • Wasatch Powderkeg

        Black Diamond Wasatch Powderkeg

        WorldCup Ski Mountaineering racers starting off 7am.
        Pictures and car shuttle to Alta and back from Brighton by Alex. Thank you!!

        Kevin 2nd from left heading out of Alta. I was happy to finish under 2 hours with a time of in 1 ho

      • Daniels Summit

        Mom & Dad Daniels Summit snowmobile trail. 16 miles south of Heber on highway 40. Excellent operation!

      • Pipeline

        Piple line trail Mill Creek Canyon. My first day on the Mtn. Bike this season.

        I have registered for the Wasatch Powderkeg Ski Mountaineering race this Sat. 5 miles and 3,500 ft. of climbing.

      • Park City - World Superpipe Campionships

        Stephan Thomas

        Stephan Thomas

        JP Solberg

        Jon Olsson

        Jon Olsson 1st place brings home the $19k purse.

      • Superior

        Panoramic from top Superior Peak 11,231ft, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.

        Superior from top of Baldy two days ago. The red line is the path Dan & I skied today.

        Ridgeline just below the black knob. Dan and I started our skiing, hiking, scramble up at 8a

      • Couloir Poubelle

        Happy to see Snowbird opening all of Baldy. Hiked and skiied the Couloir Poubelle 3 times today.

        Here are the maps that where at the gate entrance to to upper Baldy hike:

        Baldy Snowbird side

        Baldy Alta side

        Superior from top of Baldy. This is

      • Soldier Hollow

        Timpanogos Mtn. road side picture near Soldier Hollow.

        Soldier Hollow site of 2002 Winter Olympic Nordic events.

        Started the morning running friend Alex to hospital for knee surgery 7:30am Heber. While heading to Sundance area to hike I took the sign to Soldier

      • Panoramic from Coal Pit

        Another panoramic from top of Coal Pit headwall yesterday.

        Booked for Chicago March 24th to 29th.... Easter Pie!

      • Coal Pit 5K Vert!

        The original of this is panoramic is 26980x1910 pixels large. If you click this you can see a version 5000x353.

        Magali with headlamp seconding Mikes log stream crossing at the bottom of Hogum Fork, 6am this morning.

        Mike at the top of our climb up the Hypodermic N

      • Striped Beauty

        Spring is coming. I looked up the name of the Crocus flower that pops up right before spring every year.
        I toured up White Pine, Red Pine, Maybird and back down Red Pine gulch. I was investigating one of the approached for the Coal Pit headwall. Conditions are getting good for b

      • Beyond The Sky and the Earth
        Finished reading "Beyond The Sky and the Earth a Journey Into Bhutan" by Jamie Zeppa. Excellent book to get me acquainted with Bhutan. The author tells her story of living and teaching in Bhutan. Learned about Bhutan culture, food, history, Buddhism. Sounds like an amazing country. C

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