LucidCharts + Wordle = Google Prediction API Graphic 

I highly recommend LucidCharts for flow charts and simple graphics, very slick! The word map cloud was created with the the classic Wordle. The above is a draft graphic for a research project using CrowdFlower to build a training dataset for Google Prediction API's cloud machine learning systems. Looking forward to crunching marketing data in my next modeling project!

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Alex Lemieux and I climbing GWI

Tree exit, step over, wild! Climbing up no problem, coming down hike/cartwheel ouch!

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200 Terabyte Home Movie 

Some amazing graphical representations of data! Here is the company that was started from this work: Bluefin Labs The days of Neilson television-metering boxes is over. My latest projet is in the world of machine learning w/ Google Prediction API ... currently modeling a large dataset of CrowdFlower labeled tweets, fun with data, more to come ...

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RIP Jamie Pierre 

Jamie was a friend of a friend and I talked with him a few times, super nice guy, sorry to see him go. More about his accident.

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Give it a try:

The above image is generated live from the following URL: ... ceshot.jpg

Open source project on github that uses REST api
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