New Home! 
New backyard from Google Earth.

Directly between my two favorite canyons Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood canyon. The Wasatch-Cache National Forest!

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Just picked up ...a Cocco family tradition.. site coming soon ... 327-214130

Google trends does not give you volume but you can use other sites to give you an idea of traffic volume in comparison..

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Google and EBay battle for Audio Ads 
I was just added to the Google test for Audio Ads.

Google is now starting to sell radio spots. Note, their Ad Creation Marketplace. They are really promoting this for both Video and now Radio spot. You can get contract work from Google partners to put these media ads together.

E-Bay is also getting into the on-line/offline marketing race by partnering with to offer auction bidding on radio spot.
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Google Groups Used as Free Mailing List 

Just added a Google Groups "promotion box". I found a nice post that recommended using google groups for managing an e-mail mailing list. Quick, easy and free...
Check out my test on lower right column of this page, give it a try.

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Google Map API Hacking 
Here is the beginnings of a Google Maps mash-up. The data points of Brighton and Alta ski reports are read from an external XML file.
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