Suicide Chute July 18th 

Alex and Magali kicking steps up Suicide chute



Magali and Alex at top of chute

Looking down

Alex with a found ski on back

Chute of side of Mt. Superior Little Cottonwood Canyon
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Dawn Patrol 

Head lamps 5am start up Mtn. Superior



South face run

Video by Kolin!

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Wasatch Powderkeg 2011 

Kevin Cocco

Was happy to see friend Galen (owner of Brighton Ski Resort Photo - Star Photo) taking pics of the race... thanks for Galen!

Magali and I enjoying our post race burger and beer. More pictures from Kolin here.

A great sufferfest completed! Big thanks to the organizers and volunteers of the Powderkeg. I finished the 3,500ft, 6.6 mile, 4 climb course with a time of 2:05, placing 6th in the splitboard division.

I am the splitboarder poling down the cattrack at 1:52 into the video...

Park City TV clip

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Video of Alex Lemieux shreding the 3 ft. of fresh and sunny sky. Wow amazing day!

Back deck

Alex testing Black Diamond's 2012 Megawatt Ski, HOT
Today was the first time I took the Winterstick off the wall, mounted and rode. I purchased this old school board from Salty Peaks in 2006.

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