Got Dirty Data? Google Refine it! 
If you work with data, json, XML, especially dirty data you must check out
Google Refine. Thanks Google!

Watch part 2 & 3 for the real fun....
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Fusion-io Brand Tracking 

Tough day of trading for FIO 25.50 -4.84 (-15.95%)!
I started my brand tracking data capture for FIO today, capturing all(yep all) Tweets, FB posts, a few others... Interesting day to start following Fusion-io Q2 results last night.

Tweet from highest Klout score of 61 with 9,409 Twitter followers:
regvulture - The Register:
"Fusion-io revenues flash upwards: Market punishes Fusion for margin fall. Server flash array vendor Fusion-io saw"

Tweet from user with most Twitter followers: 11,331 with a Klout score of 52
"Disappointing Margins Crush Fusion-io: Storage Wars Heat Up $OCZ $STEC $FIO"

Each article mentions some possible FIO competition. The Register mentions "EMC's Project Lightning" and SeekingAlpha "OCZ Tech (OCZ)". I wonder who may be caught in Innovators Dilemma? Is EMC really not putting their A+ team and priority into Flash because their MBA's made a graph that showed this cannibalizing their core business model? If EMC doesn't cannibalize/disrupt their business model someone else will. Is Fusion-io brushing off lower sticker cost OCZ Flash solutions because they don't have the fastest X per Y performance and only meet a niche that is not as OCZ < Fusion-IO < EMC =?

I am personally still bullish* on FIO. The public company curse of balancing cashflow for public display every 3 months must be a nightmare for a startup. Brand building, engaging new clients and verticals in proof of concepts, tweaking manufacturing for new product... I would expect these investments to pay off.

Data capture running, predictive model building starting soon ...

* I am CS guy not stock guy, I own shared of FIO

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Chris Sharma, Kevin Cocco & Jeremy Jones 

Had the amazing luck to run into two of my favorite athletes of all time at the same time during the Salt Lake City Outdoor Retailer show. Arguably Chris the best climber and Jeremy snowboarder of all time.

Jeremy Jones

TGR - Deeper Trailer from IronFistMedia on Vimeo.

Chris Sharma
Sharma Video

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LucidCharts + Wordle = Google Prediction API Graphic 

I highly recommend LucidCharts for flow charts and simple graphics, very slick! The word map cloud was created with the the classic Wordle. The above is a draft graphic for a research project using CrowdFlower to build a training dataset for Google Prediction API's cloud machine learning systems. Looking forward to crunching marketing data in my next modeling project!

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Alex Lemieux and I climbing GWI

Tree exit, step over, wild! Climbing up no problem, coming down hike/cartwheel ouch!

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