Auction Mapper
Excellent Flash application! The systems uses Zoomify for the mapping portion of this system. Very slick way to dynamically sort and view E-Bay auctions.
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Very slick interface for learning calligraphy. My Wacom pen tablet worked with excellent accuracy in the Flash drawing window. I need to work on my accuracy is a quick practice using elements.

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Big Cottonwood Canyon Panaramic from top of Coal Pit ~KCocco
Zoomify provides nice Flash interface for zooming on large images. The intro version is free! There are some nice options for integration with a server for automated processing that run about $700 bucks.
Check out my first project
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Fish Heads 

Grouper Belize. Photo Photoshop Elements and Wacom pen tablet.

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Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet 

Santa was good to me and dropped off a computer pen tablet. Amazing technology! Have only started playing with it. Above is a quick little test project.... I have done this type of work with Photoshop and mouse but, the pen makes much easier. Have plans to work with some photos when I return to SLC.
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