The fall of the Roman's 
Saturday Jan 7th...

Roman's chute in the Big Cottonwood classic Wolverine Cirque.
After years of looking down Roman's Cute we finally find the top in prime condition for droping in.

The original photostich prior to crop and watercolor effect

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Happy New Year! 

Mike getting "the rock jump" off of snake creek Brighton today. 22 inch last 24 hrs, 34inch last 48hrs...with a 97 inch base. What a start to 2006!

Check out a panaramic(that I zoomified) from top of great western

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Big Cottonwood Canyon Panaramic from top of Coal Pit ~KCocco
Zoomify provides nice Flash interface for zooming on large images. The intro version is free! There are some nice options for integration with a server for automated processing that run about $700 bucks.
Check out my first project
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Fish Heads 

Grouper Belize. Photo Photoshop Elements and Wacom pen tablet.

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Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet 

Santa was good to me and dropped off a computer pen tablet. Amazing technology! Have only started playing with it. Above is a quick little test project.... I have done this type of work with Photoshop and mouse but, the pen makes much easier. Have plans to work with some photos when I return to SLC.
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