YouTube 1,472,627 hits 1 week

I met the co-publisher of these YouTube videos today in an unrelated business meeting. He did not expect the growth. What is 1.47 mill visits worth? Say $0.01 per view $147k - 0(zero production cost) = Profit! Interesting to see the comments section and subscriptions cross promoting and ranting.
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xRez panoramics with Google Maps zoom 

Yosemite image with zoom from

Here are a couple of related projects I have worked on: ... 231-190539 ... oomify.htm

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Google Check Out 

Google adding promotion to their base search site, is this the first time?... should PayPal/EBay be watching out? Signed up and purchased a $10.29 CD with my $10 credit.
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Google Conversion University - Tracking and Testing 
3 short but sweet articles in the Tracking and Testing section of Google's Conversion University site:
Offline Campaigns
E-Mail Campaigns
Testing Keyword Landing Pages
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Time Magazine's POTY - Web 2.0 
As you have most likely seen Time selected you/everyone as person of the year. I am not a Time magazine regular reader but, thought I would check out the mass media description of Web 2.0, "user-powered revolution",... Jon Steward of The Daily Show was bringing up the disturbing point that CNN was running a "news" blitz on Times Person of the year. The disturbing/annoying point is that CNN and Time are owned by the same parent company Time Warner Inc = Marketing Mixed with News!
I think Time did a decent job describing this all. The best portion of the article is the graphical representation on page 60 & 61 that shows the diffent companies and the factors that make them Web 2.0... You Make It, You Name It, You Work on It, You Find It. Also the groups of ToolMakers, Entertainers, Gathers. This was put together by Jeff Howe of Wired magazine. Not surprising as this is all old news to Wired magazine readers, Time's article is a dumbed down cliff notes on Web 2.0 when compared to Wired Mags coverage. Here are the Web 2.0 companies high lighted:
The Entertainers:,,,,,,
The ToolMakers:,,,,, Google Adsense, Google Maps,
The Gathers:, Blogger Google,,,,,
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