Mt. Superior and Cardiac Ridge taken from Flagstaff area
Day 14 riding this season, lucky to have perfect avalanche conditions backcountry this season. Dates announced for Wasatch Powder Keg 2011 March 12th!
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Sabbatical 2011 

Solitude Ski resort today after last day @ PEI, great people and company!

IPhone Pano app picture of Wolverine Cirque

Day 7 of ?

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Volie Mojo RX66 Splitboard 

My new stick! Voile Mojo RX66 Splitboard from the season starting Black Diamond Avalanche Center Fund Raiser/party silent auction.

Check out the quick release orange rip cord on the light rail bindings and yes double height climbing bars.

old Volie

older Voile DIY conversion

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Split Board New Integrated Plate Bindings from SparkRandD.com & Voile 
Great news for splitboarders, new bindings that have the binding and plate integrated. Makes so much sense. Hats off to Spark R&D for innovation in their Fuse Bindings. Spark is also putting out a nice Dynafit drill free converter kit to mount toe pieces http://www.sparkrandd.com/products/dynafits/. I am in the market after ripping my Dynafit toe off my board last weekend..... repair or new? Voile is rumored to start shipment of their integrated plate binding this Monday: Voile Trax splitboard binding Looks very hot, quick release pull cord and Wasatch tested. Nice to have some options now!
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Mt Aire 

Mike Cromar

Kevin Cocco
Mt. Aire Pictures thanks to Brett Brady
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