Keller turns 1 yr. old Feb 26th 

Keller enjoying his birthday cake.

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Pictures from 2/26....

Fred, Suzane, Magali top of hike Snowbasin

Suzane cutting up the chute

Fred launching into his jump turn

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Home in Utah 
I have landed back in Utah. Yesterday was my 50th day of snowboarding this season..foot of fresh Utah pow! Today is a much needed rest day. I have a back log of images to publish. Look for some pics later this week...

Panaramic from the top of Jackson Hole tram

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Hitting the road! 
HItting the road tomorrow morning!
Summit County Colorado 2nd - 11th
Jackson Hole Wyoming 12th - 19th

I did a quick check on snow. I also added the first few links I found for CO and WY. Looks like a CO received a little fresh over the last two days!
Snow Totals today:
Breckenridge - 55 in 6in 24hour
Jackson Hole - 59 in
Copper - 54 in 4in 24hour
Arapahoe - 48 in 2in 24 hour
Keystone - 33 in 5in 24 hour
Vail - 59 in 2in 24 hour
Brighton 118 in

Perry Farrell spinning records and singing downtown Park City UT during Sundance Film fest. Martin and I scammed our way into an after hours private party. I finally downloaded pictures from my phone for Martin. I have had a great time sharing my adventures with Martin as he was taking a vacation from classic French pastry work in Montreal. Heading to Magali and Alex's house tonight to eat, drink and be merry....and say good bye to Martin!
Martin getting the goods, Baldy Peak hike Power Mountain UT Jan 14th

Martin, Magali and I tipping'em back during Sundance Park City. Photography by Alex.
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Cardiac Ridge 

Two laps on Cardiac Ridge! I have media overload...183 shots / 500mb. Should be some nice panaromic stitches coming tomorrow night.

Okay...just one panaramic tonight....

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