Follow "The World's 7 Most Powerful Data Scientists" 
Forbes, by: Tim O'Reilly : The World's 7 Most Powerful Data Scientists

Here are all the Twitter or Google Plus feeds I could find:

1 - Larry Page (Google) -

2 - Jeff Hammerbachner (Cloudera) -!/hackingdata
- DJ Patil (Grey Ventures)-!/dpatil

3 - Sebastian Thrun (Standford) -!/sebastianthrun
- Peter Norvig (Google) - -

4 - Elizabeth Warren (Senate Mass) -!/elizabethforma

5 - Todd Park (CTO Gov)-!/todd_park

6 - Alex "Sandy" Pentland (MIT) -

7 - Hod Lipson (Cornell) -
- Michael Schmidt (Cornell) -
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infographic created with

I want a API...PLEASE!

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LaunchUp Utah March 2012 #28 

Missed the live event thanks to Clark at Mustache Power Productions I was able to watch....
Robb Kunz gave a great quick startup talk focused to the Utah crowd... at about 2:30 into the video.
Here are some links I liked: Business Model Canvas Agile project management, Slick interface + GitHub integration Mentorship-Driven Investment, Utah
Steve Blank Business Canvas Guru, saw him speak at StartupWeekend, need to buy his new book Market place for Accelerators, can apply to may in one place, published terms
AngelList Connecting Angels and Startups
ThisWeekInStartups Web Video show by Jason Calacanis

Startups presented, all solid! Content marketing focus e-mail Social Stream to product recommendations Journalist + crowd "Democratizing the News"
TextMeTix Text messaging ticket sales focus remnant seats sporting events, but other options..

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Training the Cloud with the Crowd: Google Prediction API + CrowdFlower 
Fun morning watching my research paper and demo app spreading around the world, 53 countries and counting.
Proud of Google picking up! "DevRel Engineer +Marc Cohen (Google's Prediction API development expert) forwarded this fantastic web app..."

Here are the direct links to Google Prediction API Paper and the Prediction Demo App

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R + Twitter + Fusion-IO 
Great post with R code to query Twitter and visualize tweets and RTs. Here are the examples run for searchTerm='#fusionio OR #fusion-io OR $FIO OR @fusionio'

example 1 - tweets and retweets

example 2 - now colored

example 3 - who retweets alot

example 4 - who retweets who

Here is another great text mining example using R. More to come as I mine & model my FusionIO Datasift capture...

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