SolarCue Maker/Hacker Project 

Love this slide from Rasmus Lerdorf at OpenWest this year:
(Dreamer [ Hacker ) Coder]

And there was light! ... the addiction starts

Compass working!

Transistor crew showing a huge collection of controlers at OpenWest

Testing my Thermocouple.... yes, Dead!

Motor on Arduino

Stepper motor working on Raspberry Pi

Time to make things move! Lazy susan / turntable

Mounting Stepper

Cutting belt track on edge of turn table

Home made belt tensioners from screen door wheel and random hardware

First auto solar tracking meal, ribs! Set it and forget-it

Solar Oven Tracking System: SolarCue
Currently the system has:
- Linux Server on RaspberryPi
- Web and Sockets server on RasPi
- 2 WiFi dongles HotSpot + Internet
- Battery Powered / Solar Panel charging
- Compass
- 2 thermocouples Oven Temp and meat/water probe
- Stepper Motor forward and reverse
- Web app - monitor & control from Phone, tablet, PC....
- Data logging database on RaspberryPi
... more to come...
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Bryce Canyon Utah 

IPhone pics...

Holly and Vito Cocco enjoying the view

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Cocco Garden 

Over winter greens (spinach, kale, chard) waking up from under the snow!
I ordered seeds from the following and recommend:
Baker Creek
Territoral Seed Company
Franci - GrowItalian

Here are some of the colors of my 2012 harvest....

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The Bug Guy 

Shout out to Richard Younghanz "The Bug Guy" who took my brother in-law and I out for a day of fly fishing during our vacation in CO. Great guy, I learned a ton!
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Google I/O Road Trip Pictures 

Arrive Petaluma CA, Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Bank 1,200+ seed varieties!

Oysters grilling with the Claytons at Dillon Beach... yum!

Heading into SF, CA on Gold Gate bridge

Google Glass (Glasses) ... mine are on order :) ... $1,500 :(

Paul Oakenfold after party, good, not great, videoed by everyone in crowd

Startup talk with Kevin Rose

CrowdFlower office, Mission district

Chris Van Pelt co-founder & Chief Awesomeness Officer (on business card, nice!)

Royal Robbins's Wine Cafe Camp 4

Post conference with the Yob's... Passing BIG boat on small boat

Heading home on the salt flats ... Tree of life
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