WhiBal card in Ferguson Canyon 

From the mouth of Ferguson canyon.

Using the white balance card. Before above and after below.

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Gear Loop Topo climbing pictures 

Alex Lemieux rock climbing with his GearLoopTopo .

The site is looking great! Thirty three classic Red Rocks rock climbings are now fully documented... new multi pitch classics coming soon.
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GearLoopTopo.com photo shoot. Multi pitch classics clearly documented on a handy gear loop topo. The first release is for Red Rocks Nevada multi pitch routes. Wasatch and Utah desert classics coming soon.

Nice selection of Red Rocks climbing info. Las Vegas and rock climbing!
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New Home! 
New backyard from Google Earth.

Directly between my two favorite canyons Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood canyon. The Wasatch-Cache National Forest!

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SolarAngle.com site in pre-launch phase. Testing Google Blogger custom domain name process. I find Blogger fast, easy, free and more customizable than I expected. This site will likely be tested in WordPress and/or Modx.

Here are some of my random posts regarding Solar Cooking...more to come:
SolarOven purchased with coupon
Solar Oven and Duck Butt
Bratwurst cooked in the solar oven
Using a dutch oven inside the SunOven solar cooker to prepare an amazing lamb shank dinner at City of Rocks of Idaho.

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