Jeff Bezos on Amazon cloud services and cocaine quote 
Jeff Bezos at Startup School 2008
He high lights the picture, music video collaborator Animoto running on Amazon

Check out the slick feature of Omnisio(aquired by Google) that allows exact seek point linking: Jeff talks about the ZDnet quote: "Amazon will be like a book store that sells cocaine out the back door."

Note, the URL that so simply passes the seek buy Google.
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Dapper MashupAds 
The super scrapper application Dapper is back with it's new MashupAds feature! I played with in 2006 but, seems they have found a great niche! Check out this example of how they have integrated information on this 3rd party page into the ad.
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Google Friend Connect, Open Social Made Easy 
Great intro in the power of Open Social and the new Google Friend Connect.

Here is another earlier post regarding the Open Social API

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Season is ON 

Back country riding this Sat. marks the beginning of my season. And more snow coming! North facing aspects were nice South facing karate fighting.
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Dell doesn't want your money 
In the purchasing process for a Dell laptop today I repeatedly get the following message and loose all laptop selections? Mac or PC ... who wants my money?

Well I did end up getting into the shopping cart and checked out. Just as I was closing the deal, Dell routes me page with non-secure items triggering the following message. This does not alarm me, as I know why this is happening but, this must generate scared, confused people that contact them regarding the security of the credit card transaction they just made? Note, I just also purchased the new 17' MAC Book pro this morning and did not get this warning on the order confirmation page.

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