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I have been informed that the promotion of Yahoo Toolbar with Flash download has been in place for a few years before the Adobe acquired Macromedia. I also learned "You'll only see those checkboxes if you use IE/Win as your browser, and visit the download center instead of using the normal ActiveX background download." Thank you to JD from

More information can be found at: ... /#item-4-5

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Adobe sells 723 Million customers to Yahoo! 
Added 12/5: Please see additional info...

Yahoo must have shelled out some coin for this deal...or some other partnership? Adobe now owns the Flash Player which is installed on 723M PCs. According to the Adobe penetration report there are 743M "PCs using the Internet", over "96.0% of Internet-enabled desktops". I think this is worth every penny Yahoo is investing in the search portal war. I still prefer the Google Toolbar with FireFox browser.

Below is the screen shot of the Flash download screen....also note, Flash player has an excellent upgrade adoption rate.

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Brighton Ski Resort Utah 

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Slick search cloud interface. Nice tool for SEO keyword research. I have found it useful for finding negative keywords. Overall I found search results very meaningful.

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Just put out a press release "Carleton Sheets Slams National Real Estate Bubble Theory During Interviews" for a site that I support

The press release has already been picked up by Yahoo News: ... eb485753_1

Google News also has it indexed: ... =homeforum

If you DIGG it please let know: ... _Interview

I used the service PRWeb at $165 to get the word out:

More to come on the effects of this link building SEO strategy......
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