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Added two links to the bottom right of this blog that add a content feed to Google or Yahoo personal homepage. RSS(Rich Site Summary) is the technology that enables this generic syndicating of Web content. Umm, house smells of turkey... Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is the code for the Add To Google link:
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Indian Creek Utah 
Pictures from my trip to Indian Creek this last weekend. The world famous climbing area about 45 min south of Moab Utah.... classic crack climbing!

Magali giving Alex a ride

Alex lay back'in

Alex toping out on Elephant Man

Me removing skin from my every angle of my body

Can you see alex at the top of the 110 foot Generic Crack.

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Photo Mosaic Jade Seahorse 

Photo Mosaic of the artist/owner Neal at his hotel the Jade Seahorse . Utila, Honduras.
I used photos from Google image search and my photo as the source. The final image is from Mosaic Creator software.

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Utah fiber to the house 15Mbps for $44!

Bandwidth is a resource. 10 years ago you would pay over $3,000 for a 1 .5 Mbps (T1) connection to the internet. This latest release by Utopia in Utah will pull a fiber optic 15 Mbps connection to your house (currently free setup) for $44 per month. There is also a 30 Mbps "business" connection for $109. Wow! This is a 682 fold change in bandwidth per dollar. I sure wish the cost of gas would follow this trend. Well at least portable energy per dollar rather than me being able to by buy(and burn) 600 gallons of gas for a buck. Bandwidth was the resource that was preventing high quality on-demand communication....not any more. We should see some amazing changes in media, TV, phone, mail, music, work place, community, globalization...

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Back in SLC 

Burr Ridge, IL to Salt Lake City. UT 1389 miles!
I am now back in Salt Lake City. The picture was taken from the window of the car while heading down I80. Iowa farmers are harvesting the feeder corn crop. The mountain tops of southern Wyoming and Utah's Wasatch mtns. are now snow capped! The ski season is right around the corner.
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